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Kerry: Proposing a Government of Baby-blood-sucking Vampires

As I was returning "Van Helsing" to the video store, I heard a radio host discuss the possibility of Nancy Pelosi as "Speaker of the House" (gasp). Compound that with the ghastly idea of Hillary Clinton appointed to the Supreme Court by (gag) President Kerry. I shuddered at the thought of such a blood-sucking government and realized these images were not far from the vampires I just saw on "Van Helsing."

Memories of the screeching vampires, cackling and laughing in the most grotesque bodies Id ever seen...in control of the White House and our nation, literally drinking the blood of aborted babies they so passionately fight to slaughter.

I reflect on the words of Edwards in his debate with Cheney, "John Kerry fought for our nation as a young man and he will do the same as President."

So John Kerry will last about four months before he cuts and runs. Will he run to the United Nations and snivel about America as he ran to the Congress and complained about the troops? Will Kerry betray the American people as he betrayed the Vietnam Vets? That seems to be what Edwards promises. Kerry came back from the war complaining about other soldiers murdering babies. Apparently we can expect the same as Kerry remains loyal to abortion rights, a legal form of the atrocities he accused the troops of.

What kind of monster would applaud a procedure of pushing an infant back into the womb, crushing its skull and sucking its brains out? I have always found it suspicious that the baby brain is conveniently isolated during this vacuum procedure before the disposal of the infant. What happens to the babys brain? Is there a demand for it? A price to be paid?

Dr. Charles Baldwin says yes. He wrote, "Our country has sunk to its lowest moral depth yet by harvesting and selling body parts from aborted babies. That's right. An entire industry has grown out of killing unborn children. Not only are the baby butchers collecting millions of dollars from this hideous practice, so are baby-parts wholesalers." (see article)

David Kupelian wrote, "In his agony, the baby had bitten through his own tongue, no doubt while his head, grasped by forceps, was being literally ripped off his body. The little boy had an incision where other organs had apparently been removed evidence that someone had sought more profit from the baby's death than the $1,800 the abortion had cost." (see article)

Id like to see a truthful photo-op of Kerry, Hillary, Pelosi and Ed Kennedy holding up for applause the decimated body parts of aborted babies as they hold out their hands for cash. The truth would be more grotesque than all the make-up and special effects in Van Helsing, and much more wicked. Kerry and his group are nothing more than blood-sucking vampires. If America freely votes them into office, then our nation will stand ready for judgment. Dont blame the terrorists, North Korea or any other nation that we fear will attack us. We already have the blood of our children on our hands, put there by tyrannical judges. If we vote for those who would openly continue this process, or fail to vote and allow this to happen, we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

by Jen Shroder
10/27/04  Permission granted to repost

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