(true story)
Christian, raise the Hebrew flag. Like the good Samaritan, raise the Hebrew flag. By doing so, we wave a huge red target on our homes for all the hatred of Israel. Even so, raise the flag.

“Are you Jewish?” the little boy asked with hope filled eyes, staring in wonder and amazement at the huge Hebrew flag I raised after the attack on the World Trade Center.  “No” I answered, and his face fell.  “I’m a Christian,” I continued, “and in the Bible, God says to bless Israel.”  He returned a bright but apprehensive smile, not fully understanding.  He was a young boy on his way to school.  He had no idea how much it touched my heart when he looked at the flag again, took a deep breath, puffed out his chest, smiled a huge grin and walked away with his head held high.  He showed so much joy at seeing his national flag.  It made me think.

The irrational hatred of Jews, even from those who claim to be Christian.  Our website was forced to shut down more than once because of anti-Semitism.  Hackers flooded it with posts and emails insisting that Jews were responsible for all evil. But that is not what God tells us in the Bible.  That is not what we read in the news.  That is not what I saw on that little boy’s face; that little boy who walked away a little taller, a little prouder, a part of a nation that has suffered unspeakable horror. 

Jews.  God’s chosen people.  Continual targets of world-wide terrorism and torture.   Think about why Jews might hesitate to fly their own flag. Think about the suicide bombers, the “jihad”, the unquenchable hatred of Jews that has killed millions for generations, and think about our own families safety.  To fly that flag puts them at risk.  To fly that flag could well incur the wrath of Islam, of Aryans, of any number of groups that hate the Jews.  And to fly that flag brings a sense of pride and security to a timid little boy on his way to school. 

Raise the Hebrew flag.

Because through Jesus Christ, we are gentiles adopted into Israel.  Because through Jesus Christ, we are also God’s chosen.  Because through Jesus Christ, we have shared a taste of the world's hatred against God's own. And as Americans, be blessed as our country defends Israel.  Wave the American flag beside the Hebrew one and pray.

Pray for Israel. Pray for America.  Pray for God’s protection.  Pray for our families.  Pray for revival.  But most of all, pray His will be done.  And believe.

Can we have confidence in God's plans for our lives?  Can we act in boldness regardless of terrorists who might retaliate as we waive the Hebrew flag at our homes? Can God protect our families?  Can we trust God with all that we are and have?  Absolutely. After so many miracles, fulfilled prophesies of the Bible, and the comfort of the Holy Spirit, there is no room for doubt. Does that mean we will not suffer?  Did Jesus suffer?  Did Peter?  Did Paul?  Yes, they suffered.  But we know that whatever happens, "All things work for the good of those who love God."  We may suffer in this life, but believe in the power, the truth and the might of Jesus Christ. 

“I will bless those who bless Israel,” says the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. 

Yes, believe.  Yes, raise the Hebrew flag.  Yes, invite all freedom-loving Americans to do the same.

-Jennifer Shroder

LINK REMOVED to Israeli shop...someone bought their site and put something questionable there...the attacks on Israel are unbelievable, sheesh

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