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Sorry Jocelyn, Cpl. John Harrison Canít Save You
NY Times Ingratitude Continues
see the first part:
NY Times, Where's the Grattitude for Cpl. John Harrison's Sacrifice?

By Jen Shroder

Jocelyn Enriquez, mother of 4, was kidnapped six months ago allegedly by the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in Manila. Unfortunately, Cpl. John Harrison, 29, wonít be there to rescue her, he was killed saving Stephen Farrell of the NY Times.

Kidnapped by the Taliban, Farrell reported hearing talk of being moved. His translator, Sultan Munadi, was threatened with beheading just as Daniele Mastrogiacomoís companions had been beheaded two years before. The situation was dire until suddenly a daring rescue led by NATO and Special Boat Service commandos freed the NY Times journalist, who was there to find evidence that civilians died after air strikes hit two Taliban-hijacked fuel tanks.

Donít miss this. The NY Times journalist risked everything to dig up dirt on our military. After Cpl. Harrison sacrificed his life to rescue him, the NY Times disparaged the rescue, lauded the translator that was unfortunately killed and are using the story to self-grandize the plight of reporters and their importance in their "gung-ho" bravery to report. They have barely acknowledged the military except to criticize as they quote, "they knew the high risks they would be running."

Isnít that a sweet thank you to the family of Cpl. John Harrison.

Jill Abramson, Managing Editor of the NYTimes, answered a readerís question, "Why has your paper not published its thanks to the Army for rescuing Mr. Farrell?" Abramson never once said a word of appreciation in her lengthy response, though she and her colleagues are "heartbroken" over the loss of the translator and practically as a side note, the British commando that died rescuing Farrell.

Ms. Abramson, our troops and allies are not looking for sympathy but they darn well deserve your respect.

Instead, Ms. Abramson refers readers to a lengthy NY Times blog by John Burns in which he whines they have no choice but to "report" and then politicizes everything with recounts of the death toll and financial costs of our efforts.

Meanwhile, Farrell, after his rescue, is "comfortable" with his decision to go where he was sternly warned the Taliban would surely take him. The only responsibility he seems to be willing to take is that he and his team "lingered too long."

They were lingering? Does that mean they had already wrapped up their investigation? Why no reports of the dozens of civilians killed in the NATO air-strike, only references to the rumors? Did they fail at their search for the dirt that Cpl. John Harrison ended up giving his life for? Yet Farrell is "comfortable" and the task force that rescued him "knew the risks" so why should anyone say "Thank You."

Burns explains: "But we know, too, that there are people, including many who have written into this blog, who will condemn us, as they see it, for willfully exposing our local staff and our potential rescuers to fatal risk in our pursuit Ė- as our harshest detractors see it ó of front-page stories, of journalism prizes and of a faux claim to courage for our gung-ho ways."

Perhaps if you would offer ONE WORD of GRATITUDE to the military you admit you depend on as you gallivant through Taliban lands imagining yourself a hero for your courageous work attempting to undermine our military, chasing down rumors that civilians were killed, perhaps then people would stop asking, "Whereís the gratitude?"

Burns even questions whether they will ever know if the people involved in the gunfire were actually Taliban. "There may also have been other Afghan casualties, perhaps Taliban, perhaps not; that we also donít know yet, for sure."

According to the Sun, 48 Taliban were killed. Afghan officials believed Farrell and Munadi were originally held by Mullah Qadir and then Mullah Salaam. Yes, "mullahs," as in men educated in sacred Islamic laws and theology. Where is the gung-ho bravado of looking into those details?

Instead, the NY Times disparaged the rescue by running the AP story that the rescue was "reckless" according to Afghan reporters. However Red Cross officials who were leading the talks told military chiefs they were "going nowhere." If they moved the captives, as Farrell overheard, chances of rescue would diminish amidst talk of beheading Munadi.

Meanwhile, Burns writes of his own harrowing experience in Najaf, "I took comfort in knowing that the GPS system in our GMC Suburban armored vehicle was reporting our position constantly, in ways that would be accessible to U.S. commanders in Baghdad; and that, in the last resort, we could hope that the cavalry would come over the hill."

The cavalry DID come over the hill, rescued the journalist, lost a precious son in the process and instead of appreciation the whole incident has been used to further the liberal anti-war chants, criticize the military, and beat their own chests.

I bet Jocelyn Enriquez would be overjoyed to see a British commando drop in and free her from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. She and the other two Christian teachers want to go home. Even Jocelynís three-year-old son would know to say Ďthank you," but sadly, there will be no more missions for the heroic yet unappreciated Cpl. John Harrison.

NY Times, maybe you should try reporting on the realities of Islam, but we would prefer it if you would do so after you pen some sincere appreciation for the sacrifice of Cpl. Harrison and every soldier risking their lives every day, working and fighting to advance and protect our freedom. They are modern day heroes, every one of them, and despite what all the liberal rags of our nation continue to churn, most Americans are proud of our military. To every one of them serving or that has served in the past, thank you. Thank You So Very Much.

(article picked up by USAToday and World News Report

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