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Bush Bashing for a College Degree
by Jen Shroder 8/1/04
permission to repost at will

Have you checked the requirements for a college degree? Our choices are narrowing while categories of "Analytical Thinking", "Arts and Humanities" and "Social and Behavioral Studies" are rapidly advancing. Searching for a class that doesn’t attack religious belief is like stepping through a MINDfield. Even History classes with a "cultural" pretense are actually a dissection of religious beliefs.

Psychology and Philosophy are now featured in four out of six categories to choose from at Cuesta College, California. With the current liberal claims of the APA such as "child sexual abuse could be harmless and beneficial," I wouldn’t go near a psychology class with a ten-foot pole. So what about philosophy?

In the article, Bush Bashing disguised as Philosophy Class, a student explained how her philosophy teacher began class with, "If you like Bush or Rush Limbaugh, LEAVE NOW!" The student’s anti-Bush claims were confirmed as the class website contained Dean campaign pictures and slogans along with required reading of Bush bashing like MoveOn.org.

The article created an uproar. Administrators asked the teacher, J. Marcus, to remove Cuesta’s logo from her website. Marcus wrote in a local liberal paper the administrators were in fact very supportive of her, and the logo is back. As of August 1, her website lists "recommended reading" of TruthOut.org (which has Kerry campaigns and donations) and "The Onion" which contains President Bush’s campaign costs next to a cartoon of a woman with spinning disks over her breasts. Another title at The Onion reads, "What the f___…" with the word written out. Is this where taxpayers or parents want college instructors to refer their children?

Marcus’ website currently includes pictures of wounded soldiers with the blocked heading:

No Justification for the Invasion of Iraq

This does not seem open to discussion. Dare a student bring up the network of terrorists that expands beyond borders? Of our brave heroes fighting terrorists away from our homeland before another World Trade Center attack? Dare a student ask how liberal propaganda relates to an introduction of philosophy?

So what else is taught as "Philosophy"? Marcus describes it on her website:

"To use a traditional metaphor, philosophy (the love of wisdom) is the tree of Knowledge, with its corresponding disciplines: science and art, religion and ethics.

"Our discussions will involve a critical and comparative analysis of how, for example, Plato, as well as modern and contemporary philosophers, Augustine, Kant, Nietzsche, Tolstoy, Kafka and J.S. Mill would attempt to evaluate and resolve current ethical problems."

This class is on the "Degree Requirement" list to choose from. So if I want a degree at Cuesta College, I need to choose from classes exploring the beliefs of Nietzsche, who claimed there is no God or moral compass. A man who at age 44, witnessed a horse being whipped, threw his arms around the horse’s neck and had a mental breakdown, never to return to full sanity or be able to take care of himself again, according to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

For a degree, I should analyze Kant, famous for his criticism of religion and favoring agnosticism.

Or how about J.S. Mill, said to be the chief founder of secular humanism.

Tolstoy? He believed that all Christian churches were corrupt institutions that had thoroughly falsified true Christianity and wrote his own religion.

Plato: "All these women shall be wives in common to all the men...the children too should be held in common so that no parent shall know which is his own, and no child shall know his parent" (Plato 119) ...lovely

Augustine is named, but textbooks have twisted his words out of context so that he appears New Age.

Kafka: a self declared atheist that referred to Judaism as "insufficient scrap...a mere nothing, a joke—not even a joke."

It’s a shame that we cannot brush off the liberal attacks on religion at college campuses as "a mere joke."

Marcus wrote in a full front-page article for a local liberal paper, "If I’m to be charged like Socrates, of ‘corrupting the youth,’ then let’s examine the accusation in light of Russia’s history." It is ironic that Marcus then compared herself to the famous Russian poet, Anna Akhmatova, who was condemned for her "narrow preoccupation with love and God" and later extolled Stalin to save her son from Siberia.

Who must we extol to save our sons and daughters from the liberal tyranny in public education? The jailer is claiming to be the victim as she requires students to buy her book in which she writes, "And our submissiveness, those prison gates, stark and helpless as our God."

Newtopia magazine has posted some of the poetry of Marcus, who describes President Bush as "smirking absentmindedly," that he has a "learning disability," a "fourth grade level of history," and that in 2004 the Bush family will return to the "vastly polluted state of Texas where they belong." Laura Bush is also mocked for her Christmas ornaments of birds as Marcus lashes out about Bush’s timber initiative, which Marcus describes as given "for no good reason." (shock) Forestry officials blamed the policy of no logging for the 2002 wildfire season that torched 6.9 million acres nationwide. In 2003, California fires killed 22 people, ravaged 3,300 homes and consumed over 750,000 acres in little over a week. Is that "no good reason?" Should we thank "environmentalists?"

As a student, I have a question. If actual religious belief is to be censored, how is it that actual hatred of said religious belief is being forced upon us in public education? How is it we are forced to view Bush bashing propaganda? In the separation of church and state case, the Supreme Court ruled that the "best interest of a society required that the minds of men always be wholly free."

Is this freedom?


Source: Marcus' Website:



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