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For some reason I feel compelled not to submit this article for "syndication." But for those interested, here is the short version:

Dark Side of Pluralism:
Fascist Attack on Freedom

by Jen Shroder

The following are excerpts of esteemed professors of Harvard, Stanford, Yale, etc., regarding "pluralism." These highly esteemed professors prove that "pluralism" is a hate religion dedicated to eradicating the fundamental beliefs of Christianity, Judaism and all real faith. In their own words, they:

  1. claim to "defeat Christian exclusivism" (believe Christ is the only way);
  2. demand that Christian exclusivists prove their religious beliefs or relinquish them;
  3. admit the impact of pluralism can "significantly reduce levels of confidence in the truth of certain beliefs" and precipitate belief abandonment, (diminishes faith);
  4. develop formulations to determine whether Christians are "rational." (Thus begins the argument that real faith is a diagnosable mental disorder).
  5. provide a definition of pluralism that meets the legal criteria of religion and are thus in violation of the Establishment Clause.

(not all points are in this short version)

Stanford University Philosophy Encyclopedia:
"Religious Diversity, (Pluralism)"
by D. Basinger, Philosophy Professor, BlessedCause comments in blue:

"One obvious response to religious diversity is to maintain that since there exists no divine reality — since the referent in all religious truth claims related to the divine is nonexistent — all such claims are false..."

"No philosopher denies that the awareness of (realization of) seeming religious diversity sometimes does in fact have an impact on an exclusivist [believes there's is the only true way] — from causing minor uneasiness to significantly reducing her level of confidence in the truth of certain beliefs to precipitating belief abandonment."

Pluralists have just pled GUILTY of violating the Free Exercise clause of the First Amendment. This is an admission of the reprogramming effect on our children in public school, forced to learn "pluralism."

"David Silver comes to a similar conclusion: "[Exclusivists] should provide independent evidence for the claim that they have a special source of religious knowledge … or they should relinquish their exclusivist religious beliefs" (Silver 2001, 11).

Freedom trumps all epistemic arguments. Teachers trained to "guide" children in "innovative curriculum practices" to pluralist beliefs stemming from Silver's assertions are in violation of civil rights.

"Can a person who acknowledges religious diversity remain justified in claiming just one perspective to be correct? If so, is it morally justifiable to attempt to convert others to a different perspective?"

Is it morally justifiable to reprogram students to pluralism using government funding and educational authority to coerce students to abandon their beliefs? California State Standards demonstrates the implementation:

"Students should understand the intense religious passions that have produced fanaticism and war as well as the political arrangements developed (such as separation of church and state) that allow different religious groups to live amicably in a pluralistic society."

What about all the charities provided because of "religious passion? Students are justified to believe as they choose, exclusivist or not, without being compelled to explain or debate with public school teachers.

"How should, though, an exclusivist coming to an awareness of religious diversity — the awareness that seemingly sincere, knowledgeable individuals differ with her on an issue of religious significance — respond to the reality of such diversity?"

By respecting other people’s opinions, listening politely to other beliefs if one chooses, and then expressing their own if others are open to listening. It’s called free will, free expression and thought, normally highly touted by academia unless it opposes pluralist beliefs demanding totalitarian acceptance.

"When the topic is approached in this way, philosophers normally center discussions of religious truth claims on three basic categories: religious exclusivism, religious nonexclusivism, and religious pluralism."

By successfully comparing pluralism with other religious beliefs, pluralism is validated as a religion in and of itself.

To see the full text by Basinger with Blessedcause commentary, click here.

We have heard the war drums of pluralism coming for a long time. In 1992, the National Middle School Association Regional Conference presented M. Hayes Mizell as speaker. He quoted the President of Czechoslovakia and said,

"The way forward...promotes an atmosphere of tolerant solidarity and unity in diversity based on mutual respect, genuine pluralism and parallelism. In a word, human uniqueness, human action and the human spirit must be rehabilitated...

"It is not that we should simply seek new and better ways of managing schools. The point is that we should fundamentally change how we behave. And who but teachers and administrators should lead the way?"

Educators clearly do not consider pluralism a mere tool. It is a belief system, a religion, to be applied and accepted. It embodies every criteria necessary to constitute the legal definition of religion: "moral or ethical beliefs as to what is right and wrong which are sincerely held with the strength of traditional religious views." (Title VII: 29 U.S.C. 1605.1)

Diana L. Eck of the Pluralism Project at Harvard University produced From Diversity to Pluralism, which conveys that

"diversity alone does not equal pluralism; instead, "[p]luralism is the engagement that creates a common society from...diversity...Pluralism is not a ‘given’ but an achievement."

Pluralists have developed a program to indoctrinate society and the methods described above are stealthily implemented in today’s classroom. Additionally, teachers have been given tools to help the process. California’s State Standards outline the use of Critical Thinking with religion:

"The skills involved in critical thinking enable students to question the validity and meaning of what they read, hear, think, and believe. Critical thinking requires a questioning mind and a skeptical withholding of assent about the truth of a statement until it can be critically evaluated. While such skills are developed through everyday living as well as by schooling, the history–social science [study of religion] classroom is an especially appropriate setting for developing such skills."

How many lawyers, later to become judges, later to become legislators, have been reprogrammed through MANDATED courses necessary to receive a credential?

Pluralism is a religion implanted in the core of public education and MUST BE ERADICATED IMMEDIATELY. This is outright FASCISM, exactly how Nazis trained German youths, and Americans must demand that it CEASE NOW, or forever lose our cherished freedom.

See expanded article

See also the ad nauseum in depth version