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"After Ramadan, Slay the Idolaters"...hello?

by Jen Shroder
 Permission to repost at will

Excuse me, but...is anyone aware that according to Islamís holy book, the Quran, terrorists are forbidden from attacking us until after Ramadan, which ends around November 14th? We are lowering terror alerts for financial institutions in New York, Washington and New Jersey just before the end of Ramadan? Is our government completely oblivious to actual religious beliefs of Islam?

"When the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captives and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush." (Koran 9:5)

There were rumors of a terrorist attack before the elections, which I thought was odd considering this verse. So when Osama Bin Laden merely warned us and tried to influence the election verbally, it made sense. Osama is following the Koran. He always has. If he and his henchmen are so attuned with their religious beliefs that they strap on bombs and blow themselves up to be martyrs for Allah, why do we doubt November 14th might be a day to, well, notice?

Actually, itís a little difficult to determine exactly what day Ramadan is over, something that one would think to be at the touch of a keyboard. Letís seeó"when the sacred month is over, start slaying." Thatís not hard to comprehend, and why is it so hard to find an exact date of Muslim celebrations for this event? Are attacks strategized according to the crescent moon too?

Personally, Iíd feel a whole lot better about it if people were worried. I have always kept in mind that Paul wrote in the New Testament that sudden destruction will come when everyone is saying "peace and safety." (1 Thes 5:1-3) So when America goes to orange alert, thatís when I kick off my shoes and relax.

As a Christian, fear doesnít really have an impact for me. But, itís kind of surprising that there is not a hint of concern from the liberals. Are they saying, "Peace and safety"? Maybe they are too preoccupied making hysterical claims that President Bush didnít win because of Christianity, trying to diffuse the obvious Christian heart of our nation. Maybe theyíre preoccupied with calling Christians "dumb" and "moronic," defending their liberal views and blaming the loss of the election on Kerryís packaging and delivery.

Meanwhile, Ramadan is over in three days and weíre lowering our guard. Itís probably because the financial institutions are located in states that voted for Kerry and Bin Laden promised he wouldnít attack them. Bin Laden also canít attack California and New York, where all the city slickers live. Bin Laden must be having a good time plotting how heís going to bomb the potato fields of Idaho or the snow caps of the Alaskan tundra, both homes of strong supporters for President Bush. Yep, Bin Laden will be skipping densely populated cities for the wheat fields of Kansas. Family farmers with traditional values will have to run and hide while the liberal states that are so offensive to the Middle East will be spared.

Bin Laden must be in a real quandary. Cities like San Francisco and Hollywood are replete with abortion activists, gay parades, pornography, the festering cities of America all succumbed to Bin Ladenís threats and obeyed him. How is Bin Laden going to orchestrate a coup de taut on Americaís heartland without hurting his faithful Kerry fans of the coast?

Maybe we can feel secure because our troops have completely engaged the terrorists in Fallujia (May God save and bless our troops!) Or maybe our government is banking on Bin Laden following the method of Muhammad more than the Koran, because their role model ignored his own orders from Allah when he slaughtered and celebrated his first major battle in 624 AD at the start of Ramadan. Ahhh, those were peaceful times. Perhaps that is why Muhammadís followers peacefully struck the international Red Cross headquarters during Ramadan in Baghdad last year, leaving 40 dead and 200 wounded. I wonder if the nobility of suicide bombers will be written in Americaís history books, as they write about the nobility of Muhammad today?

Okay, Iíll go along, "peace and safety." Except when we say that, the Bible says disaster will strike. Quick, somebody wake up the liberals, President Bush is still in office, disaster is at hand, why are you quiet? WAKE UP! There is a corncob in Kansas that needs you!

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Jen Shroder is in a strange mood after arguing with her sonís teacher and principal about making her sonís class create African masks that capture souls and spirits. She apologizes in advance for this column...but it is odd no one has noticed a connection between the Koran, Ramadan, terrorist beliefs, and the possibility of violence.