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3/14/03  WorldNetDaily reports a coalition of organizations is organizing multiple rallies across the country next weekend to give people who support military action against Iraq a chance to publicly take a stand.

"We feel it is critical for Americans to stand together to demonstrate to our fellow citizens, our soldiers, our nation and the world our resolve to support our troops, stand in opposition to terrorism and terrorists, and endorse the liberation of the Iraqi people," said Bob Johnson, national director of the Free Republic Network, and Jason Harding, executive director of Young Americans for Freedom, in a statement.

The two organizations are sponsoring what they call "Liberty Weekend." The also have the support of the American Conservative Union, the National Federation of Republican Assemblies and the College Republicans.

"According to a recent CBS News poll, 69 percent of Americans support the use of military action in Iraq. Removing Saddam Hussein from power and eliminating his weapons of mass destruction is a necessary step in ensuring the safety and security of Americans and of freedom loving people everywhere," said the statement.

The Free Republic Network website has posted information about the rallies, including a U.S. map where visitors can click on a location to find the rally nearest them. There also is a page for those who want to organize a rally and have it posted on the site.

While currently there are approximately 30 rallies scheduled, Johnson predicts that many more will be planned before next weekend.

"I think we're going to have over a hundred," he told WND.

In promoting the rallies, Scott Swett, chairman of the Free Republic Network, rhetorically asked: "After all, why should the leftists have the streets all to themselves?"

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