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  Dr. Robert Simonds
I recently found Dr. Simonds report on the internet.  Apparently this man has been trying to gain attention to what public school is teaching our children for more than a decade.  We salute you, Dr. Simonds!  From
Citizens for Excellence in Education
Presidents' Report
March 2002
Dear Christian Friends, God's True Intellectuals,

     President Bush said, "Our world will never be the same again," after the September 11, 2001,
terrorist attacks.  And if our schools are allowed to continue doing what they are doing right now, he
is right.
     An unbelievable thing has been happening all through the 1990's and is just now being
discovered by the media and, thus, the public.
     American school children are openly being taught the following: how to become a faithful
Muslim; how to (and what to) PRAY to the Muslim God Allah; detailed Muslim doctrines from
the Koran, accepting the Koran as the only divine authority for them to live by; that Mohammed is
God's last prophet, because Allah gave him the words in the Koran for all men to follow; that the
Koran teaches that killing all unbelievers (especially Jews and Christians) is an honor that will gain
them paradise, where they will dwell with young virgins for a reward for their "good deeds."
     How did this happen?  How can American children be taught the faith of a foreign religion in our
homeland, while denying (banning) all Christianity, the Bible and the Ten Commandments, which
our very nation's laws are all based on?  Ludicrous!  Yes, and I believe it is an unforgivable act of
national treason against our nation, our culture and our Christian faith as a country.
     I reported on this in the early nineties.  Many comments back to me were the usual, "Bob, they
couldn't get away with that!  You must be exaggerating the problem."  I had the curriculum in hand
yet few could believe it. I have the curriculum today and I am also waiting upon the publisher to
send me the latest version.  They said they have been sold out since September 11, 2001.  They said
they have ordered thousands of new copies to fill the schools' orders.  If you still have doubts,
please order a copy of this curriculum from the school suppliers at:
                                   Interaction Publishers, Inc.
                                   Box 997
                                   Lakeside, CA 92040
                                   Phone: (619)448-1474

Ask for the curriculum "A Simulation of Islamic History and Culture." ($50.00).
     The student guide opens up with: "From the beginning, you and your classmates will become
Muslims."  Can you imagine someone saying that about Christianity in a public school?  Every
chapter of church and state radicals would file lawsuits; as well as the People for the (un) American
Way (PAW) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).  Yet none have objected!!  That is
just one more proof of their anti-God, anti-Christian intolerance toward Christianity and the Lord
Jesus Christ—an uncontrollable hate for Christ, whom they mock and reject, as well as all
     These are the same people who sit on every major public school organization board of directors,
advisors, counselors and interpreters of all our laws.  The schools, even the U.S. Department of
Education networks and meetings ask their permission for anything that goes on in public schools.
     Is that hot air or do I know it as a fact?  Good question!  As it happens, I met with every major
educational group in a national counsel that usually met in Washington D.C. or a close town,
ostensibly to iron our Christian parents' concerns about their children's curriculum and complaints.
For four (4) years I traveled about three times a year to these meetings.  Every anti-God, anti-
Christian group were there, as were the heads of the superintendents and principals groups, teachers'
union, U.S. Department of Education, school board association, and many others—in each meeting.
It was all a facade, an attempt to flatter me and show me respect as a Christian leader—but never
once was I allowed to present our CEE parents' concerns or give out my CEE written concerns.  It
was all lies and wasted talk on religious freedom, and other comparably innocuous subjects, best
described as trivial.
     All Christian proposals were rejected, put down, censored.  It was in these meetings I realized
how open they were to Islam and all other foreign religions.  Under the guise of multi-culturalism
and world history, they began to teach anything they liked—EXCEPT Christianity or the American
Culture.  All American culture curriculum and its Christian basis for the American way of life were
openly banned—not allowed to be discussed.  And all the time they were promoting tolerance and
non-Christian religions.
     When Islamic clerics spoke up, they did not ask the school leaders, they told them what they
must do for their Islamic children to enjoy their constitutional rights, including, be excused on all
holy holidays; wearing certain dress; given time off to go and pray to Allah five times a day; certain
bathroom alterations, etc.  The school leaders were visibly intimidated.  They did not fear
Christians.  Islamic courses were introduced immediately in all school districts as a voluntary issue.
That was 1994!
     The Islam courses now use "simulation" as the open door of indoctrination. All children must
adopt a Muslim name and use it in its Arabic form on each classroom paper assignment, as well as
their own name (as secondary).  Have you ever noticed how many of the elite American athletes
adopt an Arab/Muslim name also when they become Islamic believers?  (Alt, Addul Jabbar, etc.).
     Some of the sections covered on Islamic faith are:
       •  Islamic History - Muhammad, God's holy man, etc.
       •  Caravans to Mecca and holy cities
       •  Five Pillars of Faith (Shahada; Salaat; Ramadon; Zakaat; Hajj)
       •  Building an Islamic mosque
       •  Festivals of Islam
       •  Islamic empires—science, religion, arts, inventions, world leaders
       •  Learning Arabic language words—have daily quizzes
       • How to pray five times a day—all prayer must be in Arabic language
       • The Koran—the infallible word of God to all time Muslims
     Recently a Muslim cleric (with the Koran) was invited to a major Christian church, to speak and
declare his Muslim faith, in the Willowcreek Community Church in Barrington, Illinois.  The good
pastor, Bill Hybels, thought it good that his people knew what Muslims believe and asked for
tolerance toward all Muslims, as the Muslim cleric blasphemed Christ and the God of the Bible.
     Fisal Hammauda, an Egyptian Muslim man, spoke.  He held up the Koran as God's word.
Muhammad and Islam as peace-lovers.  He detested the September 11th terrorist attacks! But an
equal tragedy was, "everybody (?) started pointing fingers at Muslims and Middle-Easterners.  The
third tragedy came when the President started calling for a crusade and frightening 60 countries to
abolish terrorism" (he said a lot about Islam and himself the first few sentences).
   Fisal failed to tell them "Mohammed himself was a robber and murderer, and engaged in acts of
terrorism against his enemies" (Theologian Al Dager, Editor of Media Spotlight). The same thing
happens in schools.  Jesus tells us in the Bible, to return good for evil; Muhammad and the Koran
says: "Let evil be rewarded with like evil."  The difference: one speaks in God's love; the other
from man's carnal nature.
     The Koran says, "March in the cause of Allah, you linger slothfully in the land. Are you content
with this life in preference to the life to come?... If you do not fight, He will punish you sternly and
replace you with other men.  You will in no way harm Him, for Allah has power over all things"
(Quote from the Koran in school curriculum for children studying to be Muslims.)
     The class must make thirty-three music/art /graphics/ poems/plays projects on Mohammed and
Allah, including a video.  It would take a full two semesters in a college class to do all these
projects. Children must learn to revere the "Caliphs"—the famous Arab/Muslim cultural leaders
(six).  They must master all the Arab/Muslim dynasties.  They must memorize many Muslim
passages, such as the Muslim Exordium: "In the name of Allah, the merciful, the compassionate,"
     Students are tested on all the doctrines and customs regularly.  They must know the Five Pillars
of Faith; the Prayer (in Arabic); the history; the Five Pillars of Islam (duties for believers—
likened to The Ten Commandments); rules of fasting; giving, etc.
     Jan Shroder's son, Eric, complained that his stomach hurt after his classes on Islamic doctrine.
"For my son to obey the school, he must disobey what the Bible tells him," she says. With the help
of the Pacific Justice Institute, Jan has filed a lawsuit to remove this textbook from his 7th grade
     The principal at Laguna Middle School, in San Luis Obispo County, told Jan "not enough parents
have objected," so he wouldn't ask the teacher to back-off asking the students to role play as
"Muslim soldiers."  Valerie Moore, a mom who arrived at a middle school in Elk Grove, California,
was greeted by a huge banner that said, "There is one God, Allah, and Mohammed is his
prophet," back in 1994.  She said, "I grieve for all the women crying because nobody cared about
their religious freedoms—they were kicked around." "Was it good for John Walker (American
Taliban warrior against American forces) to taste of Islam?" she said? He joined them!
     In Byron, California, another major firestorm is going on over Islamic brainwashing.  They use
a standard California textbook, "Across the Centuries," published by Houghton-Mifflin.  It's pretty
much the same as I've been describing in the other curriculums.  The backlash has begun.  It has
taken eight years since CEE originally broke the story of Islamic indoctrination, and were it not for
9/11 who would still have noticed?
     We must get prayer groups organized.  We'll keep you informed on all we're doing to stop
these unconscionable activities destroying all of America's K-12th grade children—especially the
damage this course is doing to Christianity, the Christian churches and the even further losses we are
suffering daily with our Christian church children still locked up in the compulsory government
indoctrination of all public school children.  No one believes me when I caution them to know that
America can fall in a very few short years, while all of us reading this report are still alive, if we fail
these, our own darling, beautiful Christian children.  Russia's evil eventually brought them down.
     We must all work to help parents get their Christian church children OUT of public schools,
NOW! We must get them INTO Christian schools and homeschools.
     Right at a time when our support is at it's lowest ever in nineteen years, the demands and
urgency of RESCUING our children is huge through our "RESCUE 2010" program. We only
have eight years left to fulfill the Lord's time schedule we have all prayed about.  I believe we can
do it.  I know God promised me that His people would see us through to VICTORY.  If that were
not true, this burden would do me in.  They must be saved!  Not only from Islam, drugs,
immorality and homo/lesbianism, but to perpetuate God's churches and worldwide influence in
reaching the unsaved with the Gospel.
     Please help us as much as you can, dearest friends, who have stood-by me for nineteen fruitful
years of saving literally millions from our atheist public schools.  You have been a godly, faithful
steward of God's resources, which I believe God enabled you to do for such a day as this.  Never
has there been a more critical need.  We've rescued 5 million—but have 15 million to go.
     We know God's greatest gifts are eternal. But He tells us also, "Give and it shall be given unto
you; ...For with the same measure you mete withal, it shall be measured to you again " (Luke 6:38,
KJV). God always gives it back to us, and much much more. It's very frustrating to be stopped in
our tracks right now with no funds. Thanks for praying and helping, beloved of God.
                                                Your dear friend, and full time partner,
                                                Bob Simonds, Th.D

Dr. Robert L. Simonds holds B. Th., M.A., and Th.D degrees. He has served in public schools for 35 years. He first served as a High School Teacher, then as a High School Principal, a Professor of Philosophy, Architecture/Engineering and Mathematics in a California Community College, and as an adjunct Professor in Teacher Education at U.C.L.A. Bob served on President Reagan's "Forum to Implement the National Commission on Excellence in Education Report: 'A NATION AT RISK.'


     He is founder and president of the National Association of Christian Educators (NACE) and Citizens for Excellence in Education (CEE), a parents' advocacy group to assure academic excellence and character education to all American children in public schools.

     Bob is a father of five children and has five grandchildren. He is the publisher of three journals and newsletters and has authored a number of books on reforming education, strengthening families and electing school board members. He travels and speaks to about eighty CEE banquets or conventions a year. His CEE parents' group has over 350,000 parents involved in fifty states, with 1680 chapters currently active.

     His impact on national education policy has been dramatic. The future of America's children is his focus. He fully supports a public school system that is responsive to the concerns and needs of parents.

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