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What is a Muslim Soldier?

The following is a letter I received to
"What is a Muslim Soldier?" and response: 

What is a Christian Soldier?

The way your article poses it implies there is no such thing as a Christian soldier. There not only is but especially during this time period mentioned in the English text book (600-700 ad) the Catholic church was at one of its most powerful and they were very war based. Ever heard of the crusades? this war was one launched by Christian kings and the Catholic church against Muslims in order to take a holy land that Muslims had been living in for years. Assume fighting for Islam is simply a writing exercise, the idea of thinking of it as anything more is ridiculous, it is simply to enact someone's literary skills of interpreting history.

Christians are no better then Muslims or anyone one else, and its sickening that you so adamantly seem to believe so.
  -Mr. P, Austin, Texas


Dear Mr. P,
You made a great point, but did you notice in the assignment: 

“Assume you are a Muslim soldier on your way to conquer Syria..."

History is repeating itself dramatically before our eyes today. If you do the research, you'll find that the Pope actually gave a stirring speech which inspired Christian nobility to forfeit their land, their wealth, their comfort and their lives; not to grab more land but to defend their Christian brothers and sisters that were being slaughtered in Jerusalem, and to stop the fast advancing world domination of the Muslims. If you look at how quickly Islam was spreading "by the sword", it was only a matter of time before all the world would be under Islam rein (which is rather harsh, as can be seen in any newspaper). What chance would one small nation have against the whole world? What chance will we have, as Islam continues to spread, either by the sword or by the unbelievable promotion by school textbooks charming children into this "peaceful" religion.

Yes, there were "Christian soldiers", however Jesus never commanded us to go conquer nations by the sword and kill all infidels, rather He told Peter to put away his sword, and commanded that we love one another.

Conversely, the Quran very much instructs its believers to kill Christians and Jews and all infidels that will not submit to Allah. I am sorry that you are so offended by my post; however I will not be silent as our nation pays teachers to teach our sons and daughters to "Assume you are a Muslim soldier on your way to conquer...", as well as other outrageous assignments and extra-curricular activities happening in class such as praying and fasting to Allah.

My God tells me that I am not to know other gods, nor are my children. That public schools demand my children participate in assuming the role of Islam is reprehensible to me. How many Americans died on the battlefield that we would be afforded religious freedom? Where is my religious freedom? That so many gave their very blood, and our freedom is suddenly taken away from parents as schools DEMAND children read, memorize, and repeat as FACT the beliefs of Islam? Public school is teaching my children that the Bible is false, by stating the prophets could not relay the future from God and that the people only believed the prophets explanations of disaster so they could continue to believe in their God. This is outrageous!

Sir, you may not share my beliefs, but I do hope you believe in the freedoms of America, and my religious freedom has been painfully stripped away. I don't believe myself to be better than Muslims, in fact, Jesus talked about leaving the 99 to go after the one. This is a time when Christians are on this planet because God tells us to be patient, that all non-believers that would come to Him, would be given the time choose the same. So you see, it's the non-believers that are crucially important during these years. In fact, Jesus said we would be hated, whipped, stoned and killed bringing the saving message of Christ, and still He sends us. Non-believers (obviously including Muslims) are very precious to Christ, for He sends us to be light and salt despite the massacres we are suffering worldwide. But the time will come when the last name in the Book of Life will be entered, Christ will come, and it will be over for this planet, God has a far better plan for those who are His. I pray every Muslim and every unbeliever consider Christ before it's too late.

Below is part of the speech made by Pope Urban to a council of bishops and religious leaders which inspired the Crusades, if you're interested. It wasn't about greed for money and land as public school textbooks would have our children believe. It was about stopping torture and bloodshed, and defending the innocent, something which the Taliban, under the dictates of the Quran and Sunna, will not afford.

Pope Urban summoned a group of knights to give "one of the great speeches of history". He told how Turks "have destroyed the altars that they have polluted with their foul practices. They have circumcised the Christians, spreading the blood on the altars and pouring it on the fonts. And they cut open the bellies of those whom they choose to torment with a loathsome death, tear out their bowels and tie them to a stake, drag them around and flog them, before killing them as they lie on the ground with entrails all hanging out"

Again, I'm sorry if I offended you, but I cannot be quiet as our sons and daughters are told to embrace a religion that instructs its followers to torture and kill us. If you don't believe me, please see the direct quotes from the Quran.

Again, hate the Muslims? NO!  But force our children to embrace the beliefs? Is that really what you ask me to submit to?  I can't and I won't, not when it involves God's precious children and the blood of our American soldiers being spilled for a freedom that's simply taken away.

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