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Clinton's submission

from How Clinton Sold Our Children to Islam

A quick review of Clinton’s response (in bold) to terrorist bombings:

Feb 1993 World Trade Center bombing

April 1995 Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing

1995 Clinton shut down the investigation of Islamic charities (1)

Nov 1995 Military Training Ctr in Riyadh bombed

Feb 1996 Sudan offered to deliver Osama bin Laden, rejected by Clinton (1)

June 1996 Khobar Towers bombed

July 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games bombing

July 1996 US Military barracks bombed in Saudi Arabia

Aug 1996 Sudan offered detailed info of Osama & al-Qaeda, Clinton rejected it (1)

1996 State Depart Dossier spelled out Osama’s intentions, but Clinton chose not to act (1)

April 1997 Sudan offered detailed info of Osama & al-Qaeda, again Clinton rejected it (1)

Feb 1998 Sudan offered detailed info of Osama & al-Qaeda, again Clinton rejected it (1)

Aug 1998 Two American embassies bombed in E. Africa

1998 Clinton finally ordered strikes but the timing and political motives have been highly controversial (I am certain Democrats would rather drop where this is going)

Aug 1999 Clinton pardoned 16 terrorists convicted of executing 130 bombings

Oct 2000 Bombing of the USS Cole


(1) Let Freedom Ring by Sean Hannity (excellent read!)

Excerpt: "In Feb of 2002, my cohost, Alan Colmes, and I had the opportunity to talk with the man who tried to broker the deal between the Sudanese and the Clinton-Gore White House to deliver bin Laden into U.S. custody. His name is Mansoor Ijaz, and his story is remarkable..." (pg 17)

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