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Kerry: Perversion, Betrayal,
War Crimes and Murder

by Jen Shroder
7/25/04   Permission to repost at will

It’s like a dark scene in Terminator: A close-up of human skulls scattered over rocks...an approaching crunch as tank tracks slowly advance crushing them. Suddenly the camera pans in to the living skull of a cooing baby, placed in the path of the tank, which stalls...until Senator Barbara Boxer (D) rushes to the scene and screeches, "It’s our Constitutional Right!" The tank engine sputters and rattles back to life.

The camera cuts to the grim faces of Senators Kerry and Edwards, the glow of surrounding flames flickering on their stony faces among the shadows of Congressmen. Both have a grenade to throw (a vote to cast), but in a shocking twist, our heroes throw their grenades at opponents rather than save precious babies. Kerry shouts, "We can’t undermine a woman’s right to choose!" With that, Judge Phyllis Hamilton (Clinton’s nominee) suddenly bursts on the scene, leaps in the tank and fires it up. The tank lurches forward to continue crunching skulls of innocent fully formed prius infants.

Kerry said, "I oppose abortion, personally. I don't like abortion. I believe life does begin at conception." If Kerry recognizes abortion for what it is, murder, then he’s either lying about his belief or he's an incredible wimp who would rather watch the continuation of murder than defy it. Either way, this is dubious presidential material; ill equipped to deal with terrorism...unless he wants to send Edwards to talk sense with Al-Qaida. What a horrific thought. Edwards sitting in polite conversation with terrorists, wondering why they keep staring at his neck. The terrorists seem to be talking about a freezer...

Imagine the phone call,

"Mr. President?"


"Sir, we have a situation here, we seem to have lost Vice President Edward’s head."

"Well, I oppose beheadings, personally. I don’t like beheadings, I believe in life, but I wouldn’t want to undermine the terrorist’s right to choose..."

Please forgive the gruesome nature of these analogies, but the baby blood is real, and Kerry had voted 6 times not to ban partial-birth abortion, the violent termination of a fully developed prius infant by insertion of scissors into the base of the head, followed by the sound of the suction machine sucking out the baby's brain. After watching this procedure, members of the National Abortion Federation were actually caught on videotape breaking out into applause.

Kerry has voted 6 times not to ban this procedure which is more painful than beheadings. Kerry is NOT a candidate you want kissing your baby for his campaign... no, not within a thousand yards of your family.

Kerry missed a vote to fund our troops, Kerry missed a vote to lower health-care costs, Kerry missed 64% of his votes in the Senate last year and more than 80% this year, ONLY Kerry and Edwards missed the vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment, but Kerry had time to vote against the Laci Peterson law protecting unborn victims from acts of violence.

So while the tracks of the infanticide tank rumble on, Kerry has fun at a rally. Whoopi Goldberg defiled the name of our President of the United States with jokes like, "keep Bush where it belongs and not in the White House." After a show of rampant Bush bashing, Kerry announced that this event "conveyed the heart and soul of America" as Edwards cheered.

This is no more the "heart and soul of America" than the war crimes that Kerry committed in Vietnam. After admitting his own participation, he then testified to Congress that the atrocities were rampant, casting suspicion and hate on all Vietnam vets. Many were moved to suicide and deep despair:

"When John Kerry spoke out to America, labeling all Vietnam veterans as thugs and murderers, I was shocked and almost brought to my knees...Tragically, some veterans, scorned by the antiwar movement and their allies, retreated to a life of despair and suicide. Two of my crewmates were among them. For that there is no forgiveness." -- Richard O'Mara

"In a whole year that I spent patrolling, I didn't see anything like a war crime, an atrocity, anything like that. Time and again I saw American fighting men put themselves in graver danger...When John Kerry returned to the country, he was sworn in front of Congress, and then he told my family -- my parents, my sister, my brother, my neighbors -- he told everyone I knew and everyone I'd ever know that I and my comrades had committed unspeakable atrocities." -- David Wallace

"(Kerry) encouraged our enemies to rebuild and hang on when they were near defeat...Did you know our POWs had John Kerry's words quoted to them by their interrogators?" -- Retired U.S. Navy SEAL captain with service in Vietnam, John Bailey

[Kerry] claimed that the 500,000 men and women in Vietnam, and in combat, were all villains -- there were no heroes. In 2004, one "hero" from the Vietnam War has appeared, [Kerry], running for President of the United States... It just galls one to think about it." -- Captain George Elliott, USN (retired)

Although some disagree with the war in Iraq, America has been extremely supportive of our brave troops, largely because of our deep guilt over our shameful past toward our heroic Vietnam vets. To now name Kerry as President, the perpetrator of atrocities while leading a movement against vets, would be another slap in their face. How much more abuse are Vietnam vets to take? Naming Kerry would be worse than naming one of the Abu Ghraib prison guards, because they didn’t come back and testify to Congress and the media that all soldiers everywhere are as villainous as they.

Imagine Kerry’s testimony at the pearly gates, much like the one he gave to Congress:

"Yes, God, I voted in support of abortion and it needs to be stopped. Let me tell you what I witnessed myself while I was there..."

Perversion, betrayal, war crimes and murder. If the likes of Kerry are to become president and define freedom, then our economy will soon be in great shape. Think of all the billions we’ll save closing down the jails, sex-offender mental wards and laying off prison guards because Kerry won’t undermine a criminal’s right to choose. And the socialist, communist, atheist and terrorist groups cheer on.

You can sound off about this article at BlessedCauseBLOG

Sources: http://www.rightwingnews.com/special/40reasons.php, http://www.americandaily.com/article/4421, http://www.issues2000.org/Senate/John_Kerry.htm

Jen Shroder is founder of BlessedCause, dedicated to restoring sanity to public schools. She has been interviewed by Fox News, Associated Press and dozens of media outlets. She is currently studying for a paralegal credential and is preparing for a lawsuit over California’s Education State Standards/Curriculum in violation of the First Amendment.

She can be reached at blessedcause@charter.net