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Governor Schwarzenegger, MAN UP!

By Jen Shroder
Repost at will

Dec. 22, 2008

The backlash continues to roar in California as gay activists continue to silence opposition while waiting for the Calif. Supreme Court to weigh in on Prop 8. The Mormon Church and Chuck Norris are feeling the heat while Linda Harvey receives threats. A Houston lawyer "who brazenly identified himself," wrote,  "You are very much being watched! All you jeebus-lovin-christers rights will slowly be taken away one by one the more you try to press your beliefs down our throats. "

An elderly woman is swarmed, her cross ripped out of her hand and stomped on while the news anchor, Kris Long, reports "...There is a lot of anger and a lot of hate, quite honestly, on both sides."

Margie Christoffersen donated a mere $100 to Prop 8, riots broke out at her restaurant, now her life and business is in turmoil. An LA Film Festival director has been drummed out of the business for donating.

Reports stream in. Michelle Malkin writes of a Christian group being surrounded and sexually molested by gay activists for standing on a street corner.

Bruce Curtis reports in The Bay News:

• A Los Angeles restaurant was boycotted, threatened and forced to pay bribes to an anti-Prop. 8 mob.
• In San Francisco, Castro District thugs chase people out because they simply stood praying on a street corner.
• White powder envelopes prompted anti-Prop 8 terror scares at two Mormon temples.
• Bay Area kindergartners are taken to a gay wedding with no notification to, or permission from their parents.
• At a Saddleback Church, angry hate-8 protestors wave swastikas at parishioners.
• Vandals arrange Prop. 8 signs in a swastika at a Riverside Catholic church.
• A Massachusetts father was jailed for refusing to allow his first-grader to be introduced to details about gay sex.
• A thousand angry hate-8 protestors scream and threaten to break down gates and storm a Mormon temple in Westwood.
• A Sacramento Mormon church was spray-painted with “No on 8” messages.
• In San Francisco, lesbians parked an SUV splashed with “Bigots live here” in front of the home of a Mormon family.
• Civil rights were violated of a Sacramento theater director who was forced to resign after giving money to the Prop. 8 campaign.
• More than 200 protesters screamed hate chants at a Los Angeles Catholic church.
• Riot police had to be called to quell a violent hate­8 protest.

As the search for targets continues, my website has growing hits on old articles exposing homosexual indoctrination in public schools. Part of me wants to run for cover, but I don't leave brothers and sisters behind.

So before I respond with my own blasts, let me reiterate: I have no dislike of homosexuals. I have friends, I've had boyfriends, I've had roommates and hiking buddies from the gay community. I have washed their feet, loved them, partied with them and care about them, but I stand diametrically opposed to gay marriage because it equates to indoctrinating our children in public school. Time and again, given an inch, gay activists have taken miles in that endeavor.

How IRONIC that the oh-so-tolerant left can't seem to stop brutalizing the meanies on the right. Just before Prop. 8, a Santa Barbara pastor was threatened with a lawsuit because he refused to perform a gay marriage. TOLERANCE? They can't seem to find one of the many gay-applauding unBiblical pseudo-churches? Of course they can, they're just looking for a fight and to break the will of the people.

Christians by-and-large don't care what homosexuals do in the privacy of their own homes, why would we? But we DO care about our children, about the constant social conditioning forced upon them.  We would prefer our children avoid the woes of anal sex and all the documented unhealthy mental and physical consequences that go with it.  We don't send them to school to learn how to "fist" each other. We should have the RIGHT to protect our children but we're losing it. Legalized gay marriage inevitably leads to lawsuits demanding exposure of our children to homosexual behavior, encouraging them to "discover" their own aptitudes and anyone who speaks against it will be breaking the law.

Governor Schwarzenegger, when you ran for office I defended you, I endorsed you, I was wrongly blamed for the Gray Davis recall but I believed in you. I watched your many attempts to fix California's budget only to be voted down by the people, and I've applauded you. But on this issue you seem to be caving in to political pressure and I implore you, MAN UP! It's a war-zone out here! The people have voted. Californians are protecting our children. Christians and conservatives have had to put our lives and safety on the line to speak out about it as the violence grows. Stop working to overturn Prop 8. Governor Schwarzenegger, do your job. Help "WE, THE PEOPLE" protect our children and America's freedom!


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This article published by USAToday/San Francisco; Renew America; The New Media Journal, FreeRepublican  and various local editorials all over California


Jen Shroder is founder of BlessedCause, dedicated to restoring sanity to our public schools and exposing the Islamic indoctrination of American textbooks and required prayers to Allah. Shroder has been interviewed by Fox News, Associated Press, and dozens of talk radio/news media. She can be contacted as "JenT" at http://www.blessedcause.org/Encourage/Passion%20of%20Jesus.htm