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Dream [posted last February 2004]:

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"And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams"  (Acts 2:17)

It's been a long time of waiting, deflecting the mocking and the hatred, feeling like I've walked desert miles since I've heard from Him last, and God finally spoke clearly to me again. He said, "I know your pain, stay with Me."

I was content to keep that to myself for over a week now, rolling it over in my mind, submerging myself in it often to soothe me, like a freshwater lake to lose myself in.

But yesterday I knew, it wasn't only for me. I don't want to write this, I don't want to open myself up any more and make myself vulnerable to ridicule. I don't want to share those words. But I must, because I'm not the only weary Christian. Those words are not only for me. Anyone that hears those words and feels a confirmation in their heart...know it is for you too.

God says to you and to me,
"I know your pain, stay with Me."

What incredible words of comfort those are to the brokenhearted, weary from the desert of these times. 

And then last night I dreamed.

In Revelation, John speaks dramatically of great mountains burning, angels, the four winds of the earth and a sea of glass like unto crystal...   Wow.

So what was my dream? What dramatic wonder did I see? What glorious majestic vision can I poetically describe of what I saw? (hanging head) ...A shopping mall.

I rarely shop. I haven't "hung out" at the mall since I was a teenager. There aren't any out here in the sticks where I live and it's the LAST place I would want to write about having a dream of. Give me clouds, give me fiery horses, let me write about Jesus, but please God, a shopping mall??? I'm already mocked so much!

But it was a shopping mall.

As soon as I realized where I was, what I think was an angel came to me and said, "Leave this place." (I don't think it was Jesus because if it was, I'm sure I would have fallen flat on my face, all my unknown flaws would have seemed very clear to me and I wouldn't have been able to stand).

I started to leave, sensing the seriousness of it, and suddenly I was standing on the outside watching the mall destroyed. Big heavy walls of concrete and brick, broken glass, it all became a twisting of rubble. It didn't take very long at all. I looked down at the grass and I knew fire was coming from the... (I don't care what it sounds like) sprinkler system. I saw people running around frantic, so I pulled up one of the sprinklers and tried to stop it by tying a knot in the thin white plastic pipe it was attached to, and suddenly he was there and he said, "There is someone else who is coming." I felt a compelling of not to go there, not to do that, it was like a warning, a caution, a strong "don't go there, stay" compelling.

I cannot describe what it felt like when he spoke. It was like every part of your being knew it was true, there was no confusing worldly knowledge, there was no doubt, there was a calmness and you knew with every fiber of your soul that what he spoke was the truth, it had weight, it was safe but his warning was dire.

Then I woke up.

It seems to me this shopping mall represents America's commerce, completely destroyed. The fire in the sprinklers is the wrath that is coming.

"There is someone else who is coming." Don't go there, stay.

Pastors have always taught me to check everything through the Word. So where have I ever read anything like that in the Bible?

It came to my mind quickly.

"Be still and know that I am God."

I realized, (wince), maybe I shouldn't have tried to stop the fire coming from the sprinklers...? I mean, who am I to try to alter things... but that's exactly what we do, believers pray all the time for God's mercy on America, we pray for revival, we pray for our neighbors, family and friends, for more time for them to come to Christ. God wasn't mad at me for trying, but He had a message. "There is someone else who is coming. Don't go there. Stay."

I believe the anti-christ will come right after the ruin of America's economy. And there might be something in our water, through the pipes...something not good. I would have thought our water would be the last choice of terrorists, I've read it's too difficult to poison, there's so MUCH of it. It seems airborne chemicals, ricin, anthrax, nukes even, those seem much easier methods than our water. 

But that's not what I dreamed.

I don't know, if anyone has an interpretation, please let me know.



Pastor Tonye's wise reminder:

"One thing is clear, God consistently pours forth the reality of life without Him, and then suspends it for those who would repent. Consider this, it starts With Jesus' presentation of Himself, and then He gets to work.

Jesus pleads with Churches to repent - and then takes the faithful to Himself.

Then the wrath comes.

He intentionally stops periodically for those who would repent to do so. You see, all of God's wrath ironically serves to bring others to Him; So out come the 144,000 (twice) and the 2 witnesses, and the angels that span the globe (one with the everlasting Gospel) all because God wants
none to perish but all to come to repentance.

True, some will never receive His love, but others, in the heat of all this tribulation will.

The book is not a book of threats, but a final call, a final plea, begging others to come to Him without the scars of rebellion fresh on their skin.

So, if the Lord so leads you, go for it, but may I suggest (as you finished your article with) that you always let them know that there is a loving forgiving God who wants them, scarred or not."


See also binding of angels

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