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Any original art, cartoons or writings on this website may be reproduced for public or private use as long as it is not altered or taken out of context and references This includes all artwork and articles by Jen Shroder, founder of Blessedcause, with the exception of "Peter, Follow Me" piece above. (The copyright was given to the owner.)

For all articles, art, illustrations or music that are posted from other sources, permission must be granted from them directly.

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 "Three Days and Three Nights"

If you are a scholar, I invite you to rework what is written, find for yourselves if the Holy Spirit and Scriptures back this up. Write your findings, reword it, make this your own and if you can, publish it as such. I don't care about being credited. I only care that the message is given and it must be emphasized, this was given for the unbelievers. God is sovereign, and His desire is for the lost. (I don't have to watch you, God does!) Do not "copyright" the message itself, as it is freely given to you, so freely give.

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Opinions expressed by contributing writers are expressly their own and may or may not represent the opinions of, it's editorial staff or it's publisher. Reprint inquiries should be directed to the author of the article. Photographs from other news sites, featured in, are for educational purposes only. While some of them are factual in nature others are creations meant to incite thought to further the social and ideological education of our readers. BlessedCause is not supported by any political organization. BlessedCause  is an educational effort.

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