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and curse those who curse Israel"  -God

(Gen. 12)


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God blesses those who bless Israel

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I am appalled that BlessedCause is linked by numerous Aryan websites because of a letter that was posted in our forum long ago by Leigha Feinstein.  Leigha Feinstein was a PLANT by a group of people that hate Jews and claim to be Christian, something that I can't comprehend, considering all that God has written and cautioned us about in the Bible.  Leigha was created by an anti-semitism group then held up as an example of what to hate.  It's pathetic to have to make up a character to support your cause. 

Please let me say that WE SUPPORT ISRAEL in all the trouble with the Middle East.  When 9/11 happened, I bought an Israeli flag and flew it next to our American flag.  Jewish children walked by my house on their way to school and asked me about it, they were SO CUTE, they were so proud to see their flag which is rarely seen in these parts.  People are understandably cautious to admit they are Jewish because of the irrational hatred of them.   

That flag raised many questions.  No, I am not Jewish, but Israel belongs to the Jews, God gave it to them, if you study the Middle East you will find that Palestine has NO CLAIM TO IT, and I support that our nation stands by Israel. 

Our site became flooded for a time, when we had a discussion board, of people so insistent to put anti-semitism literature all over it.  We asked them not to, but they didn't care.  We blocked them and they hacked the site.  We've had to take many security steps to ensure these people do not hack again.  These actions are a testimony of the unbelievable hatred that Israel faces, it's irrational and demonic.  Yes, I'm sure there are some evil Jews that do evil things, JUST LIKE THERE IS IN EVERY CULTURE.  To blame the world's woes on the Jews is ludicrous, irrational, and evil.

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and Call to Raise the Hebrew Flag

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