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For Women Only    

The one time I sought therapy was when I became a born again Christian and had given up an affair. I was concerned that it was taking SO LONG to get over this guy that I had broken up with. The therapist and I started talking about marriage and the male female roles. I was reading and believing in Fascinating Womanhood and we started to compare his worldly way of thinking with mine. He started listening to me like a student. I quit after three visits because I thought, "Why should I pay to teach him about marriage?" This man started seeking my counsel. At first I thought he was just trying to keep me as a paying client but I quickly realized he was needing help in his own marriage (his third). But I can't help a man, nor can Fascinating Womanhood, because it's not something a man can do, it's up to the woman, the helper. The best advice I can give is somehow get a copy of this book to your wife through a mutual friend or maybe a sister. A feminist woman would hardly receive this book through her husband.

About 15 or 20 years ago, many churches were holding seminars based on this book. Though it's not promoted as a "Christian" book, its all based on godly principals and quotes scripture.  If you buy the book, skim the first 60 pages or so, the really good stuff starts soon after. (It has 380 pages).

God did not create us to be the same. A man and a woman are like puzzle pieces that fit together and create a whole. But to think the puzzle pieces are identical is folly. Our differences should be celebrated, not lost and ignored in the name of "equality." God loves His sons and daughters, but we are truly very different.

Obviously I can't recommend the book enough. It's changed all my relationships with men, though not the male school board members that I've confronted (biting my lip). But it has changed my relationship with my dad and my sons as well. When my dad and I disagree on something, and I can sense he's feeling frustrated that I'm not thinking like he is, I stand back and analyze what's happening. Usually he's thinking like a man and I'm thinking like a woman, and when I say to him playfully, "Oh Dad! You're thinking like a MAN again!" he laughs and all the tension ceases. He's complimented that I see him as a man, and he recognizes that I'm thinking differently than he is because I'm thinking like a woman which is understandable, because I am!

Women, if your marriage is falling apart, special order this book from your local book store, it's amazing. You might hate some of it, you might revolt at the idea, but just try a couple of the examples in sincerity and you will be amazed at the fruit you will harvest. May God bless your marriage and godly relationships.


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