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Hearing from God

Yesterday I was asked about "hearing from God." I don't know about other Christians, but when I "hear from God" it is not an audible hearing with my ears, it's a hearing of my being. The Holy Spirit indwells us, and on rare occasion He has blessed and corrected me with actual words, a "hearing" that is unmistakably not my own. Just as you can recognize different audible voices with your ears, so can a Christian recognize words of thought that are not of ourselves. For me, it is a rare occasion that I have waited months for, He decides when and where He will "speak," not me. His voice has authority, a truth to it, it is beyond ourselves because it has a dimension backed up by Truth and Light. It is why it is so important for a Christian to know the Bible, because that voice will never ever contradict Scripture. You have to know the Word in order to identify counterfeits clearly, for there IS a spiritual realm and attempts can be made, whispers of condemnation from the enemy that must be recognized. Without help from the Holy Spirit, if you are not born again, you are especially susceptible to those discouraging attempts oppressing you, Satan hates all humans passionately, seeks to destroy us, and sadly too many Christians do not recognize or equip themselves with Scripture to rebuff those attacks. I believe it is why the most successful programs in combating alcohol, drug addiction and gluttony include crying out to God for help. Because when God shows up, when we recognize the intense love that He has for us, darkness flees. It cannot stand up to His light.

Some Christians become discouraged because they have never "heard" God with words. But I believe that there will be a cost to direct intervention. Have you looked down the annals of Biblical times and seen the ends to those who committed their lives to the LORD? Every disciple brutally killed, why would a Christian today expect better? There are Scriptures that back it up, "Pick up your cross and follow Me", "count the cost," "of those who are given much, much will be required, " Romans 8:16...Christians WILL suffer, especially those who volunteer to be used to advance the Kingdom. "Send me, LORD" is a heavy commitment that is not necessary to be saved, Jesus Christ already purchased us, He completed the cost at the Cross, salvation is a free gift to those who are willing to receive Him. But if you are wondering why God is not using you as He uses others, consider that He might not be calling you to take on a fairly horrific death. Or at least offering too. And when I have "heard" Him most clearly was when I truly went out on a limb for the Gospel. If you want to hear from God, that is when He seems to shine brightly with direction. Sometimes His direction comes in ways we least understand. I know a young man that is coming home after a missions trip that ended abruptly. I am sure the enemy is attempting to confuse and discourage him over it, but I keep remembering Paul who was abruptly redirected from places that Paul felt led to go, probably after much prayer as well. But I am sure there were reasons for both to begin whatever they set out to do, it's all about following Him with willingness, for He knows our hearts and is blessed even when He turns us around. "All things work for the good of those who love God." Sometimes, like with Abraham and Isaac, God is merely displaying to the hosts of heaven, how deep is our resolve, that even with a lump of dirt He can do great wonders including relationship.

For I believe that is what much of our world is about, a display of God's precepts to spiritual beings yet unseen by us. Displays of God's balance, judgments and righteousness. We were created out of the dirt and given a chance at eternal life with Him, it's what the purpose of earthly life is, and the Bible says that even the angels do not wholly understand it and are curious. I personally believe that is why, when God moves on this planet, the enemy is sometimes allowed to counterfeit it, for instance how Pharaoh's magicians were able to do the wonders that Moses did. It's because Adam and Eve handed over the keys of the earth to Satan when they fell. And if Satan is indeed the "prince of this world," then Satan has a legal standing to what happens here. He is no match to God, far from it, the Bible says that one day we will see Satan and wonder how that puny being had any kind of hold on us at all. But before all of the hosts of heaven, he has some rule over the planet for now. Satan knows his days are numbered but for now all of creation is still groaning for the return of Christ. ...and for you pet lovers concerned with the ultimate destination of your beloved pets, read those words again. They might not have been made in the image of God, but I believe they will translate into some form of being in eternity, why else would all of creation be groaning for His return?

What I am trying to say here is, do not think there is anything wrong with your walk with God if you do not hear from Him with direct words. God calls out to us in various ways because even though we are all from the same dirt, we are extremely unique. God knows us better than we know ourselves, where we are and what we are willing to accept and give at every moment of our lives. God knows and has told us that the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. He is the Potter and we are the clay. He is not going to put a clay pot that can only withstand 4,000 degree temperature in a furnace that reaches 12,000 and blow up our faith. Trust Him. Walk with Him. Grow in Him. He is orchestrating everything that as many as will come home to Him, come. He sees things from the beginning to the end. He understands our complexities and displays His love to us continually in various ways. Know that He loves you so much that He came down to bridge the way to Himself, suffered and died on the cross in our place, purchased us like the pearl of great price giving everything to have you with Him, and He just might not be calling you to suffer tremendously to advance His kingdom, but to walk with Him and grow with Him and allow you to drink in the joy and peace that is only His to give.

~Jen Shroder