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Houghton Mifflin's biased version of Jesus and Judaism
for the 6th grade

Let’s look at it another way to be sure.  I counted every time Jesus and Muhammad’s name appeared in their units.  I broke it down to how each name was used.

Name used:

Jesus Christ


To name as Lord or Prophet



As “Prophet” only



As a mere “teacher”



To show as rejected



Generally discussed



To identify followers



To mark time



As He healed others



To find more books on



As art focal-point only





And don’t forget, the Christian section is disproportionately

 Muhammad is continuously supported as a Prophet of Allah with few and far between “disclaimers” such as “Muslims believe,” whereas Jesus is often referred to as a “popular teacher with ideas” and every sentence that hints a breath of deity is surrounded by disclaimers. Over and over again Christianity is reduced to “ideas” whereas Islam is referred to as “More than a Way of Life.”  Then it hit me, our children appear to be deceptively taught:


The textbook consistently gives Christian beliefs only to the extent that Islam agrees!

Islamic beliefs about Christ verified in the Quran:   

  1. Jesus is a “teacher”.                         Textbook includes 

  2. Jesus performed miracles.                Textbook includes

  3. Mary was his mother.                      Textbook includes

  4. Angel told Mary to "name Him Jesus"  Textbook includes

  5. *Salvation earned by works.      Textbook includes  *(NOT a Christian belief!)

  6. Lord's Supper                                 Textbook includes

 What Christians believe but Islam denies about Christ is omitted by textbook

     Christians believe:                     (contradicted in Quran)

  1. Jesus died for our sins.      Textbook omits   (4:171)

  2. Jesus is the Son of God.*  Textbook omits   (4:171)

  3. The Trinity                        Textbook omits   (4:171)

  4. Jesus' birth in a stable        Textbook omits (19:22, 3:49, 100:110)

  5. Specifics of miracles        Textbook omits     (5:110)

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