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"A Message of Ancient Days"

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Houghton Mifflin's biased version of  Judaism for the 6th grade


(Please forgive my presumption to speak for the Jews, I am not a Jewish scholar, but I did receive help from a Rabbi.  I would appreciate any feedback or corrections from Jews).


 When Jeremiah wades in, the textbook states,

“The prophets were not  fortune tellers
 who predicted the future. 
Instead they preached a message about
 how the people should act in the present.” 

Jeremiah, Danial, Isaiah, etc., gave EXACT prophesies about the future.  False prophets were stoned to death if they prophesied wrongly just one time. It was that important that the people not be misled by false prophets.

Muhammad is the only prophet that could not relay the future.  It seems we must redefine “prophet” because Muhammad did not rightly prophesy. 

The textbook states: 

“However, by accepting the prophets’ explanation
 for the disaster,
the Jews could keep their faith in God and survive exile.” (pg 311)

The Jews had faith because they knew God!  Not because any prophet attempted to explain away their circumstances. Unbelievably, Houghton Mifflin is giving alternative atheist reasons for Jewish faith and claiming the prophets were false prophets!

 “Then in 540 BC, the Persian ruler Cyrus the Great
 took control of Babylon.”  (pg 311)

Did the textbook "historian" know that Isaiah prophesied more than 140 years earlier, that Cyrus, a Persian ruler would overthrow them?  (Isaiah 44:28)  Isaiah named Cyrus by name.  And yet the textbook claims prophets could not predict the future, taking the opportunity to invalidate Judaism to impressionable children. Prophesies from hundreds of years ago in the Bible are becoming reality TODAY in every newspaper, as we read about Israel!


 “Many people lived together in Canaan….Gradually they came together as a people and were called Hebrews.”

 The first time “Hebrew” is named referred to Abraham in Genesis 14:13, commonly known as "Father Abraham", whom God called out from his people. God mandated they stay clear of other nations and the root of the Hebrew nation is Abraham.  This was so important that the Jews painstakingly kept lineage records for centuries.  Hebrews did not just “come together as a people” and name themselves.  Even when Esau, son of Isaac, intermarried, his offspring were named “Edom.”  Genealogies were so carefully kept that Jesus can be traced all the way back through Israel and Judah. 

So why would the textbook want to deny the authenticity of the Hebrews? Is it because Islam did not carefully preserve their genealogies? Is it a coincidence that Muhammad claims Allah makes no distinction of peoples?  That doesn’t fit well with God’s “chosen people.”  And the textbook has just dismissed the roots of the chosen that were so carefully recorded. It is all rewritten to fit Islam's beliefs!

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