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Critical Wolf Page 2
 cont'd from page 1

“History-Social Science Framework for California Public Schools:” (pg 24) 

bullet“This framework proposes that critical thinking skills be included at every grade level.  Students should learn to detect bias in print and visual media; to recognize illogical thinking; to guard against propaganda; to avoid stereotyping of group members; to reach conclusions based on solid evidence; and to think critically, creatively, and rationally. These skills are to be taught within the context of a curriculum that offers numerous opportunities to explore examples of sound reasoning and examples of the opposite.

 The “sound reasoning” as determined by public schools, which often prove opposing to Christianity!  This is not the right or place of public schools!


“To detect bias in print”

The Houghton Mifflin textbook is loaded with previously undetected bias.  Obviously public school is incapable of discernment.


“To recognize illogical thinking”

As determined by who?  Teachers insist Islam cannot be taught without induction practices, yet teach American history stripped of it’s Christian foundation?  Public school can’t recognize its own “illogical thinking.” 


 “To reach conclusions based on solid evidence”

This is the opener to attack faith. (We walk by faith not by sight) 


“To guard against propaganda”

Houghton Mifflin’s textbooks should be used in courses as examples of propaganda, not history.


“To think critically, creatively, and rationally.” 

Our children already do that.  Children are able to make up their own minds if you give them FACTS and not public school programming.   “Critical thinking” only gives teachers and textbooks the opportunity to lead them in whatever direction their philosophy dictates.

 Public schools need to teach our children the FACTS and allow them to form their own opinions.  This phrase “critical thinking” might be well intentioned, but public schools do not have the right to play mind games, to lead our children to discern through their philosophies, under their frameworks and guidelines.  Public schools are teaching our children to filter everything they are taught through what the school considers “rational.”  The entity of “public school” revoltingly has deemed itself to be a god, equipped to program our children how to think. 

 The “thought provoking questions” are asked of children after they are given a biased version of a religion and led to respond the way it slants, repeating and instilling public schools view on it.  Our children should be learning FACTS, to the best ability of the school to provide them. 

Critical thinking may be appropriate in other applications, but definitely NOT religion.  Teachers could not possibly grasp in full different religious beliefs and are not qualified to determine the validity for our children.  The word “teach” means to sway a child to conform to the teachers way of thinking, therefore teachers need to be limited to FACTS.   In the “Bias in Textbooks” section at BlessedCause.com, HUGE examples can be found where the textbook imposes it’s own biased ideas as truth to children.  This absolutely must stop.  Parents have the right to share faith with their children without public schools atheist philosophies taking advantage of unprotected innocent young minds and imposing atheist or Islam beliefs.

 This “wolf in critical thinking” has been ravaging our children for years.  The outcry over the editing of our Pledge of Allegiance proved some of us still remember what our nation was founded on, but if we continue to teach our children untruths and “critical thinking,” what made this country great will be gone.  As the atheist in our local paper stated about omission of God from the pledge,

“America isn’t ready for it yet.  We tried too much too quickly.”

Atheists working against America and what she stands for have been slowly and methodically dismantling our precious heritage and openly admit their agenda.  Will we continue to allow others to “get us ready for it?”   



Most states have similar state standards or worse. Many States follow the lead of California, Texas and Florida. FOX News reported the following regarding textbooks on July 17, 2003

"What gets approved in three of those adoption states — Texas, California and Florida — could have a massive impact on what the rest of the nation's schoolchildren read.

"Those three states have a very significant impact on textbook publishing. What happens in those volumes wind up being at least the basis of national editions sold throughout the country," said Stephen Driesler, executive director of the Association of American Publishers school division.

As Driesler explained, that's because Texas and California alone account for almost $1.5 billion of the $4.5 billion in textbook publishing revenues. As the largest share of the market, publishers and authors produce books that aim to please those states."