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"Religious" Groups Scrutinized
from How Clinton Sold Our Children to Islam

(see actual list)

President Clinton and Richard W. Riley, U.S. Secretary of Education presented these guidelines with an introductory message:

"In April of 1995, for example, thirty-five religious groups issued "Religion in the Public Schools: A Joint Statement of Current Law" that the Department drew from in developing its own guidelines."

Many of these groups are FAR from "religious." The ACLU describes these groups as "sharing a committment to the separation of church and state." See this list, leading with the ACLU, at
and don't miss the copyright!

Some of the groups named on the President's guidelines are changed from the ACLU's copyrighted version. For instance, "Religious Action Center" (President's copy)  states on their website they are the "Washington office of the Union of American Hebrew Congregation" (ACLU's version) which also operates under the name of "Union for Reform Judaism." This group describes itself as "the most liberal", "committed to the full participation of gays and lesbians in synagogue life" and sponsors pro-abortion marches.
Clinton's so-called "Christian" groups:
An organization's agenda is better exposed by their actions. In 1997, the Christian Coalition and other conservative Christian groups supported a fabulous Constitutional amendment proposed by Rep. Ernest Istook (R-OK):

"To secure the people's right to acknowledge God: The right to pray or acknowledge religious belief, heritage or tradition on public property, including public schools, shall not be infringed. The government shall not compel joining in prayer, initiate or compose school prayers, discriminate against or deny a benefit on account of religion."

Even though this wording is very similar to what Clinton disguised his guidelines to be, there are no loopholes, no back doors for the ACLU to exploit at will. This amendment was unbelievably opposed by three religious-sounding organizations listed on President Clinton's guidelines:
Religious Action Center
Christian Legal Society
National Association of Evangelicals

(with Forest Montgomery)
(I note Forest Montgomery because the NAE, now with Ted Haggard, has undergone some very  positive changes since this occurrence and the Presidential Guidelines)
The amendment was also objected to by groups listed on the ACLU version of Clinton's guidelines:
People for the American Way
Baptist Joint Committee
Americans United for the Separation of Church and State
Interfaith Alliance
 Rev. J. Brent Walker (Baptist Joint C.) gave the excuse:

"To the extent that our laws have not worked well or have been misapplied or misconstrued the answer is education, not more legislation...We don't need more laws on the books. If it ain't broke, you don't fix it."

Is there a God-fearing Christian that agrees we did not need that legislative protection, and that education "ain't broke" today? See this enlightening controversy at http://www.religioustolerance.org/istook96.htm
The duplicity is OBVIOUS. When loopholes are installed on Clinton's guidelines, these "Christian groups" supported it. When the loopholes are removed, they opposed it. And because of Christian sounding titles, they were listened to. Deception couldn't be more clear.

Posted on the President's guidelines are organizations that can "answer questions," and in most cases can be verified as originally issuing the guidelines:

Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
[aka UAHC listed on the ACLU version)
American Association of School Administrators
American Jewish Congress
National PTA
Christian Legal Society
National Association of Evangelicals
[at that time with Forest Montgomery]
National School Boards Association
Freedom Forum

The "Freedom Forum," posted on President Clinton's version, also operates under the name, "First Amendment Center" and partnered with the Council on Islamic Education (discussed later) to write "Teaching about Religion in National and State Social Studies Standards"  which promotes applying pressure to states whose guidelines violate theirs. See  http://www.blessedcause.org/CIEandFF.htm

"The Freedom Forum curriculum...is headed by the former director of the radical Americans United for the Separation of Church and State Research Foundation... the Freedom Forum and its leaders oppose such traditions as the posting of the Ten Commandments in public buildings and consistently support controversial liberal causes." See http://www.bibleinschools.net/img/br/section3.jpg
In addition to objecting to the proposed amendment, the Christian Legal Society posted on Clinton's guidelines, is part of the "Board of Reference" for "Christian Educators Association International" (CEAI) which denied the pro-Islam bias in the textbook "Across the Centuries." This group successfully represented Christians because of their name and squelched public outcry. The former director later admitted:

"...we focused only our attention on the Christian perspectives that were written and did not look at or compare the other content of the texts...In essence we did no evaluation of the other religions addressed in any of the textbooks of the [Houghton Mifflin] series."

No evaluation. Yet the director of Christian Educators publicly defended Houghton Mifflin and quelled public outrage. (details)
I have not scrutinized the other names on President Clinton's "religious" guidelines, but I caution Christians, it is becoming more and more popular for wolves to parade as Christians. Ungodly organizations claiming a religious, patriotic or educational name in their title are often not so. God wrote their would be many false Christs, and we have witnessed so many in today's market and politics. Wolves are springing up everywhere cloaked in sheep's clothing, especially when education and politics are involved. Beloved, take heed. These are dark times indeed.