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Foiled plot to
 discredit the recall

9/4  Recently I found out that the Democratic party has named BlessedCause as behind the Davis recall as part of an alleged "right wing conspiracy." BlessedCause.org has over 400 pages, out of that we had ONE POST about the recall on our second page index, six months old, and I personally signed the petition! That's ALL. I found this honor of being named behind the recall rather humorous, though we are undeserving of such credit.

But then on August 28th, while at work, someone hacked my computer and sent out a virus called "wicked" to the address OF86561F96.DE9C07B4-ON85256D73.0067C5ED-85256D73.0068234A@hmco.com  The subject line read, "thanks". This was discovered only because the email was undeliverable and "returned" to me.

I called the FBI and the IFCC. With computer viruses creating so much havoc in our nation, this seemed serious. But the FBI was not too concerned, they said "it happens all the time" and they have real terrorists to pursue. Still, the FBI was able to help me, they checked out that my computer had been hacked and  helped me with security so it wouldn't happen again.

And then, out of curiosity, I checked out the website of who this virus was sent to. My jaw dropped. www.hmco.com  is HOUGHTON MIFFLIN, the textbook publisher my website is dedicated to expose! Their textbook is full of Islam induction and maligns Christianity for which I've given California's  Dept. of Education so much grief about . My cause was never the Davis Recall, it was Houghton Mifflin and our school system (Just how involved is Gov. Davis with the Dept. of Education?)

No wonder no one from my email list had received this virus, this wasn't a typical hack, I was being framed!

What kind of idiot would send a virus to Houghton Mifflin under  "Christian@blessedcause.org" with a virus named "Wicked" and only the message "thanks" in the subject line? Was I supposed to think Houghton Mifflin would actually open such a thing? If I was going to do something like that I would have been clever about it. But that wouldn't matter on the 6:00 News, with a video of me in handcuffs and a two second voice-over stating that I, reportedly behind the Davis Recall, was caught sending viruses to the textbook publisher Houghton Mifflin (and whoever else may have received one).

Memories come to mind of the recent hyped media coverage of the kid arrested for sending out viruses, and the newscaster talking about how serious a crime this is... How easy would it be for the democratic party to insure my arrest for these viruses I supposedly sent, synchronized with the liberal media to blow it up to unbelievable proportions, portraying me as a villainous  extremist who started the recall of poor victimized Gov. Davis and the democratic party? Once Houghton Mifflin and whoever else strategically filed a complaint, it would take about a phone call.

There is no end to the number of people who wouldn't shed a tear if I ended up in prison. The Council of Islamic Education, CAIR, militant homosexual activists, Dept. of Education, Gov. Davis, Houghton Mifflin... but I find it curious that now, after two years of campaigning about the textbook, I am unexplainably named by Democrats as behind the recall, and then hacked and framed just before the recall/election (and the ACLU's attempt to stop it in court), sending out viruses to self-incriminating targets. I have no idea how many viruses were sent out through my computer. I only have the two returned ones (there was a virus sent to *stephane_clavel@wanadoo.fr, whoever that is?)

What a diabolical plot to discredit the recall and anger Californians against this "right wing conspiracy," by framing a "member" and sending her to prison, a mom whose biggest crime is attempting to protect her children's faith from the liberal agenda taught to our children in school. They would have paraded me up and down as an intolerant hateful Christian, just like they describe us in the textbooks. All this to gain sympathy and support for Davis and discredit the recall. How many years in prison was I about to receive...our nation happens to be outraged right now about these virus attacks...would it be possible to label me a terrorist? Don't be surprised, I've already heard that accusation before and this alleged "right-wing conspiracy" accusation is breaking the ground for it.

I praise God I'm not already in that police car, and I'm thankful to the FBI. I can only speculate about who is behind all of this...but the timing, the unexplainable naming by democrats of BlessedCause behind the recall, hacking and framed just before the election...even I know 2 + 2 = 4!

continued on page 2, whose behind the plot...

Details about which Democratic leaders named BlessedCause as behind the recall

Updated: Computer ID's of hackers/attempters
Computer Clues-Sitting Duck Gives In

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*(the virus recipient "stephane_clavel@wanadoo.fr" has been slightly changed so as not to flood the recipient, but the name is the same, just the underscore is different)