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How Planned Parenthood Impacted
My Youth

Listen to the author’s experience
Part One, Two, Three, Four

with Kyal K2, K-Talk AM 630 KTKK

by Jen Shroder  (son pictured)
1/14/05 permission granted to repost

Planned Parenthood and the ACLU DEMAND the right to sway our children to abort their babies, to reprogram our children to their ideals.

"INTOLERANT CHRISTIAN!! RELIGIOUS RIGHT FANATIC!!" I have stood accused. What have I done but expressed my right of religious freedom—to raise my children to obey the God that I know? Public schools continually attempt to weaken my son's faith. For standing up to that, I have been called names, been publicly mocked in our liberal local paper, I have received perverse threats by those who accuse ME of intolerance.

Public schools insist they know better than I do what to teach my children. Parents of faith are treated as buffoons that don't know anything and are incapable of parenting.

Let me tell you what I learned in public school. I learned about birth control. I learned where the "family planning" clinic was, right next to the high school. My friends and I thought it was "so cool" to be there without parents, treated as adults by smiling nurses, eager to give us birth control devices with that knowing wink. At such a difficult time when boyfriends were hounding us to "put out," Planned Parenthood comes right along side and assures it is the adult thing to do. I threw away a precious part of myself that should have been honored.

It was carefully explained to us that no method of birth control was 100% foolproof, but no worries, there was always abortion. It was just another part of womanhood. Planned Parenthood takes advantage of a girl's desire to feel independent. The first time out of my mother's grasp, I was placed in the hands of an entity like Planned Parenthood, feeling so encouraged to be "on my own" at a doctor's office for the first time. They were paid to be nice and guide us,  receiving money to contribute to the corruption of my young friends and I. Sick.

By the time I got pregnant, ALL of my friends had already had at least one abortion. I was surprised to find I couldn't do it. Something deep within me said, "No way." It didn't take courage, it was just out of the question. The baby's father, and every single friend I had, made it their personal crusade to convince me to abort. I realized that by my saying "no" their guilt racked them.

When I started to show, the pressure became too intense. I was a shame to my parents and neighborhood. So I gave away my collie (that almost killed me), sold my car and everything I owned and bought a one-way bus ticket to the unknown far away, Arcata, a place I’d never been before.

There was a two-hour layover in Crescent City in the pouring rain and the bus stop was unexpectedly locked up and deserted. There I was in the middle of nowhere with no shelter, not even an overlay of a rooftop. I sat on the curb, literally in a gutter, the rain pounding down, pregnant, alone, weeping. It couldn't get any worse than this.

Where were the smiling nurses now? Where were the sex education teachers that referred me to them? Who was there to comfort me in my desperation? There was only One, even though I had a new age attitude about Him back then, He was there, and He heard me. He cared, and I went on.

Today I am a born again Christian and I praise Him every day for my two precious sons as I watch them fall asleep. I have scores of girlfriends who never married, are over 40, Prince Charming never came and now they grieve the loss of their aborted children. Some have died of broken dreams, sexual disease and alcoholism. None of us realized the consequences of sitting in the waiting room of the free clinic, giddy with laughter and thrilled at being so "grown-up."

Now this same public school system wants to teach my kids to accept homosexuality as normal, worthy of exploring. What it is and how it's an acceptable choice. Is there a doctor alive that will testify that anal intercourse is healthy? Do educators really think they don't make an impact on our curious children as they validate these options? How lives would be changed if they would take our children to talk to dying AIDS victims rather than hand them condoms! By the way, we never used those condoms. We thought it was really funny to blow them up as balloons and leave them in the backseat of our boyfriend's cars. That would be an appropriate childlike response, because we were children!! But we did pick up on the idea that educated authority figures thought sex at our age was totally appropriate.

I object to so much that public schools teach our children today. I strongly resent the attitude of the administration, that parents are not able to teach their children morals and values, therefore the school must step in. It was the morals and the values of the public school system that got me in so much trouble in the first place! Yes, I was the one who made the choice to be sexually active, but I was a CHILD. And public school made it seem so acceptable, understandable and expected. Of course, the family planning clinic had a solution. They would have been so helpful, holding my hand, smiling that understanding smile, as they would have aborted my children if I'd have allowed them to.

But I didn't. And now my children are in the same school system. School professionals feel it is their right and privilege to teach my children THEIR way of thinking and to question mine. I have paid the price of listening to the schools, I don't want my children to go through that pain. Was the school board there with me weeping in the pouring rain, alone, frightened, fighting everyone and everything to have my children? Were they there to rock my infant sons all night when they were ill or fussy? Every time our children hurt, we are there. Every time they are hungry or frightened in the night, we are there. We love them, pray for them, pay for them, worry about them, sacrifice our lives and careers for them. What gives the schools the right to take away our parental rights? Who are the school officials to tell me that my son MUST know other gods? To ask my children to participate in other religious activities? To learn homosexuality? To read books of sorcery? To learn evolution which has not ONE thread of proof to it? What kind of religious freedom do I have if teachers insist on teaching other faiths to the point of participation and imagination? "Here is the god, this is how they worship him. Now imagine you're in worship to him, and write what's good about it." COME ON!

If I had obeyed God rather than listen to the school advise me on birth control, I would have saved myself so much pain. EVERYTHING God commands us not to do, He tells us for our own good. He doesn't want to see us suffer. It was not God's desire to see me destitute in the pouring rain, or the weeping of my friends over their aborted children. God picks up the pieces that are left behind by public educators, with all their degrees and honorary titles. They dare to inflict their twisted values on our children. What I truly can't understand, though, is why do we, as Christians, say okay? Our silence is an affirmative answer. I can tolerate so much from other people but when they try to teach that to my kids, beware!

I am no longer the only one at the school board meetings objecting. More and more pastors are beginning to protect their flocks. Religious leaders are beginning to stir up the saints to protect our children, while the Los Angeles Times publishes commentaries about the idiocy of religious people.

There is a culture war and it’s over our children. As long as the liberal left continues to target our children to their perverted ideals, we will not stop fighting. Call us all the names you want to, but for the sake of our children, we will not submit.

See part 2  Adoption: Give your baby a mom, not a crushed skull

Jen Shroder can be heard live on this topic at K-Talk AM 630 KTKK radio, or on the internet

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Jen Shroder has been interviewed by Fox News, Associated Press, and dozens of talk radio hosts and news media. She can be reached at BlessedCause