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Sadistic Soldiers Reflecting
Liberal Values

by Jen Shroder

America is righteously outraged about the Iraqi prisoner abuses, but why are we surprised?

What are universities teaching the generation of now famous Lynddie England? State Penn University held a "Sex Faire" that included "orgasm bingo" and a "tent of consent." They have also featured an outspoken advocate of pedophilia and sadomasochism at a women's health conference.  Universities are sponsoring "pornfests." Western Washington University has celebrated a "National Outdoor Intercourse Day" annually for eleven years. Lecturers sponsor workshops like the "Whip Enthusiasts Group."

Democrats scream to fire Rumsfeld and are frothing for President Bush, but itís the liberal demands for pornography, homosexuality and access to our youth that has set the stage at Abu Ghraib. The meaning of freedom has been defiled by groups like the ACLU and Lambda who continually fight to protect groups like Nambla, which can now publish how to seduce and molest children, short of naming which ones. Americans are no longer free from the constant invasion of sexual images in our faces. Posters of boys pawing at each other to promote GLSENís gay/lesbian groups are supported on campus, while Columbine wonít allow a studentís tile with a Christian sentiment to express their grief of their murdered classmates.

As hideous as the prisoner abuses are, they pale compared to the hazing that happened last year at Mepham High where students were sodomized for days with pinecones, golfballs and eating their own feces. Gay activist groups attempt to teach public school students the thrill of fisting under the guise of "tolerance."  Our ever-sickened society is being conditioned to sexual deviance daily. Even the Village Voice has reported that the Iraqi abuse pictures "are such a sensation" because they stimulate the "kitten-with-a-whip" crowd, that "America is becoming a nation where suffering is tolerable, even pleasurable."

Shock radio has enjoyed high profits for years and although it currently struggles to find legal footing, it has already left a perverse imprint on American senses. Porn has become an explosive multi-billion dollar business as Congress continually fails to pass laws to protect our youth.

About the time Lynddie England should have graduated from high school, Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy (R) was working on a bill to combat the sexually explicit materials promoting homosexuality in public schools. Materials include a book called "Young, Gay, & Proud," that states,

"There are a lot of ways for gay men to have enjoyable sexÖItís up to you to find out what you like and how you like to do itÖJerking off is a fun, safe and healthy way for guys to enjoy our bodies and fantasies." A note of encouragement follows profanity-laced tips on performing anal sex: "You may have to practice a bit before it starts feeling really good."

The California State Assembly turned a deaf ear to Mountjoy and these types of "material" are still allowed. Is it any wonder that some of these children graduate from high school, enter the military and are tempted to continue with their sexual exploit lessons on prisoners?

For liberals to now turn and point a condemning finger at Rumsfeld is the epitome of irony. When Rumsfeld learned of alleged abuses, he immediately called for investigations and informed the public. Yes there is a gaff in communication, but liberals, legislators, gay activists, planned parenthood, and public educators need to accept responsibility for the growing sadistic and sexually perverse nature of American society.

Recently "A Band of Brothers" was aired on the History Channel. Veterans from World War II were extensively interviewed.  One of them began to sing a popular song from that time. It broke me down to tears. It sounded so corny by todayís standardsÖyet pure. It expressed the virtuous hearts of a dying breed, replaced by the pornographic rap lyrics of Ludicrous in the minds of soldiers today.

The shame of what happened at Abu Ghraib doesnít belong to any of our troops other than the ones who committed the crimes or allowed it. But the shame does belong, in part, to you and me. Because we didnít actively object when we heard todayís public school porn, shock radio or music lyrics incessantly pumped into the minds of our children. We didnít take the time to DEMAND that our legislators clean up our media and schools. We didnít contribute to the legal organizations that fight for our values, tradition and freedom from porn. We did not protect our children.

Our precious sons and daughters are risking their lives and limbs to rebuild Iraq. We continue to applaud the noble efforts of our troops and recognize that they are not the same as the few who have perpetrated such heinous crimes. However, America needs to seriously review what is happening in public school. Our children learn what we teach them. 

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