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A glimpse is all it took.
by SilentReader

In a world where millions of people have been murdered in the 20th century alone, we've come to another crossroads. A new crossroads where we can choose freedom or tyranny.

Our founding father's wrote the U.S. Constitution amidst chaos. Americans were still fighting other Americans. It was a most rewarding time for them. Full of anticipation for the decades to come. For their children and ours.

They deliberated for many days in secret and wrote a document called the U.S. Constitution. In it is all the elements and principles for maintaining a free society. A republic. If you can keep it, they said.

Without George Washington and the founding fathers--the learned men in that room, some self-taught some not, who had experienced tyranny and strife and heart-rending grief in their homeland-- this would not have been possible.

This, they said, this document, the U.S. Constitution, was achieved by Divine Providence.

Since that time, the people, through the media and through the historians, who have always praised big government being dependent on them, have attempted to whitewash and rewrite history. And, they have attempted to rewrite the U.S. Constitution, going as far as to put a disclaimer in it recently.

In the schools they have indoctrinated our children and told them outright lies and urged them toward big government and tyranny through a technique called the Overton Window.

It's happened in tyrannies before. Before and after we were born. The world has not been a stranger to mass murder through government.

The U.S. Constitution and the constitutionalists knew that and they gave us this gift of freedom. At last the U.S. Constitution gave the power to We The People to orchestrate our own lives. It's the only document to do so in recorded history.

Now, We The People have a chance to reclaim our freedom. Take it back. Restore it and the U.S Constitution that gave us, We The People, the power over them. The power to be the deciders of our own lives.

You must recognize the new crossroads that we have come to and choose to claim our heritage. Freedom. Through our U.S. Constitution, it's armor.

A heritage that has never been known before in recorded time. Time where nothing remains constant except the principles of a free people whose rights have been bestowed on us by God and not government. Individual rights that surmount by far collective rights because it's the individual who orchestrates their own redemption, and not the collective who has claimed responsibility for nothing. Our 21st century history proved that. 169 million murdered and not one held responsible. Simply because it was the collective that murdered them. Governments gone hazardous to their people's health.

It is time to choose. We've had a glimpse of freedom in order to preserve it. Now it is up to us.

Be on the right side and be at the Restoring Honor rally in Washington, D.C. at the foot of the Lincoln memorial. Make your individual statement and continue to live in freedom. By the U.S. Constitution. Or, go down in history by the sword of despotism where many poor and often forgotten souls perished at the hand of the mighty collective. Tyranny.

God bless Glenn Beck and those who have shown us the way and passed on the baton to We The People to take our individual power back to preserve that which we have been fortunate to experience in America. America; the land of the free because of the brave.