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Lewis Boren and trusting God
 with our loved ones
by Jen Shroder

A Christian contacted me recently, broken about something she may have said 30 years ago that may have offended the family of Lewis Boren, an old childhood friend of mine. He was tragically killed by a great white shark on December 19, 1981 and she was possibly his last girlfriend before it happened. She said during her time with him that she ďhated ChristiansĒ and now that sheís born again, regrets she didnít have the opportunity to share the Gospel with him before he died. She fears he died without Christ.

I offer this as a comfort, not just to anyone that knew Lewis but to family members of the lost with the same fears. Who knows whether God opened up the heavens for Lewis to see just before He took him? God opened the eyes of Elishaís servant just before battle (2 Kings 6:16), He opened the eyes of Stephen just before he was martyred (Acts 7:54-56). Only God knows the exact moment that a man is ready to come home, and for some reason, God chose my friend at age 22, alone on a surfboard just before Christmas. Maybe there was a moment, a small window of time, when Lewis looked up to the heavens, alone on that surfboard, surrounded by Godís ocean and everything in it, and asked about the baby born in Bethlehem.

More than 20 years later, I led a group of footwashers to witness Christ at Renaissance Faires. You see I used to read Tarot cards and dabbled in astrology before I was born again. Once I realized how much sorcery grieved God, I went back to those faires and other places and witnessed Jesus Christ in a unique way, washing feet as we shared the Gospel. It was an amazing time when I saw God move in so many ways. Iíve had prophetic dreams since then, but the one with Lewis was one of the first, and it was, as they say, ďon steroids.Ē

There was no reason for me to think about Lew at that time. I hadnít thought of him in years and had no idea his salvation might be questioned by some. In the dream it was pouring rain, mud splattering everywhere and dark. I was under a sort of make-shift tent without walls really. It had 4 thick posts and a white linen roof, low sloping and one of many in a row. It was dry in this place and everything felt close. Lewis was there, and he looked at me and his eyes were so green and translucent like green grapes. I donít think I could have told you what color of eyes he had before this dream, but memories flooded back so strong, I must have known the color of his eyes when I was in the 4th grade and his sister confirmed it later. He was smiling when he looked at me with those eyes and I could tell he meant that smile, and he said ďEverything is okay.Ē

I was flooded with such a comforted feeling, I didnít want to leave. There was security there, there was joy. Itís description sounds badÖdark, muddy and stormy without walls, but it wasnít, it was an amazing comforting place. Not because of Lew but because it was sheltered and the joy of the Lord was there. I woke up right after Lew said everything was okay, it was short and sweet and it really affected me at the time.

I think Iíve seen Scriptures that say we sleep until Christ comes again. Others believe we are instantly in the presence of God. I donít know. All this sort of hits home to me because right now, one of my own sons told me just a few days before Christmas that he doesnít believe in God. This is incomprehensible to me because this son had been directly involved with God in some things. I used to ask God why his little brother didnít get to see some of the things that he saw, and now I know why. His little brother is firm in his faith, this one needs those seeds to fall back on. I guess if the Israelites could see the parting of the Red Sea and rebel, so could my son, and he has.

I want to go further into this and at the end I think you might understand why. I had a meltdown of a Christmas over my son rejecting God and I asked God WHY did He miraculously save me and my sons on a highway when they were little, if either was going to grow up and reject Him? If we had died that day, my sons would have an eternal future and this may shock some but I would have rather we died. Eternity is FOREVER. This life is NOTHING compared to what God has in store for us!

The answer is simple. God is not done with my son. I donít trust my son, I trust God and His timing. And Godís purposes are not about this life, itís about eternity with Him. He knows all futures and outcomes, and even though I donít get to know the whys, He has a purpose and a plan, and it is good.

I know this for a fact. I have put my life and my sonís lives on the line before because Iíve been saved supernaturally and seen things that few have. Iíve learned not to talk about the miracles that Iíve seen except on my website. Itís too hard for people to believe. I wouldnít believe it either, but they are true so I have to tell them at times, regardless of how it makes me look. God IS. And His passion is for us. His passion is for Lewis and our children and an eternity in the glory of God.

I know that might be hard for a mother to hear, that our loved ones are better off with Him than with us. My other son has put his life on the line recently, he just joined the military. I have my reasons for thinking he might actually have to make the ultimate sacrifice and I canít tell you how that feels. But I know GOD IS and I trust Him, even in this. Not that He will keep my son alive, but that He has a purpose and a plan and I face that every time he leaves again. Because there is so much more to life than this short life. And I am convinced that Lewis knows this too. Because in the dream Lew's "tent" was covered by white linen which has huge significance in the Bible, it signifies righteousness; it is the righteousness of the saints. It was removed when Adam fell and it was bought back by Christ when He suffered, died and rose again. And I donít care what anybody says, Lewis is covered by that right now. And I canít wait to see him again and so many others.

Lewis is not over. He is waiting. So are we. God doesnít ask us to live on this planet because we are good. He asks us to live because we still have work to do, or because we still have time to know Him. Because THIS is not the reward. THIS LIFE is not all there is. Not even close. In this life there is hardship and pain and suffering and evil. If we truly understood, we would celebrate when life here ends. But we canít. Because we miss those who have left to stand in His glory. And we get angry at God for taking them.

Itís hard to let go. And as my son prepares for war, I think I have a valley in front of me that threatens to overwhelm me. But I trust Him. I hope you can too.

ďFor I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.Ē Jeremiah 29

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