Textbooks:  What is California to do?
by BlessedCause.org

Many politicians and government employees have come to realize that the 7th grade textbook, “Across the Centuries,” and other Houghton Mifflin books are not fit for our children because of bias and propaganda.  Right now our precious children continue to learn lies and indoctrination of religions abhorrent to many faiths and scorning of Christ.  What is California to do?

Let’s be honest.  Our options are limited.  California is in the midst of a financial crisis on the state level.  Local school districts are facing severe cutbacks and cannot afford to replace these books.  Fox news reported these textbooks have a shelf life of five years and we're stuck with them.  Every day that passes with these textbooks is a day of shame and regret.  What is California to do?

Solution:  Rip out the offensive pages. 

(a sudden hush, a pause)... GASP.  WHAT?  Deface school property?  Take a $60+ book and RIP out PAGES???  This smacks of book burning!  How could anyone even THINK of such an idea?  How obscene!  How disrespectful!  How humiliating!

Yes, it’s humiliating.  Every day the pages of that textbook are turned is a day of humiliation to the State of California and to America.  That we cared so little about our precious children and what we teach them, that we scarcely scanned the social studies textbook before approving and funding them.  That an honorable profession of "historian" has been reduced to propaganda and special interest group agendas attempting to brain wash the minds of young children.  The approval of this textbook and many like it are a disgrace to education and society. 

What is more important: the minds of our children or the pomposity of the esteemed historians that wrote such tainted historical “facts”?  What is more important: a book laced with half-truths and lies or our children and the truths we should teach them?

Because we can ill-afford to replace these expensive textbooks, we can and must salvage what is acceptable in these textbooks and continue to use them until we are able to replace them. The only way to salvage them is to rip out some pages.  Some pages have only a few sentences that are grievous.  Simply take a black ink marker and line out a sentence or two.  For what is more important; the book and it’s propaganda or the children and true historical facts?

What message would we be sending our children if we asked them to open their textbooks and rip out specific pages?  In my opinion, an extremely positive one.  That the CHILDREN are more important than the

pomposity of false pride in public education.  That the TRUTH is more important than saving face.  That our children’s minds are far more important than an attempt to cover up our mistake.  We need to confess that we are not perfect, that a mistake has been made, and take the steps to protect our children.  Truth is more important than pride.  Children are more important than books.  Honor and righteousness are more important than political correctness and liberal agendas. 

(yes, I said RIGHTEOUSNESS, this is not a profane word!)

Will children be able to trust what we teach them in schools if we rip out pages and own up to a mistake?  YES.  Because we should tell them as they rip out the pages, that they, the children are important, and what we teach them is more important than denial of a mistake.

If we found poison in the cafeteria, would we continue to feed it to our children and hope the next batch will be better?  No!  Would we throw out everything if we knew that only the apples were poisonous?  No! Would we stop feeding them at all? No! We would dispose of what is poisonous and take extra precaution to carefully examine everything to be sure nothing else was contaminated.

Every time a child opens up their history book of missing pages, they would be reminded that historical truth is important, that people do make mistakes, but we take the responsibility and the steps to fix it.  That California cares to teach them the best, a history that is honorable, unbiased and true. 

Who would determine what pages to rip out?  Form a committee.  We have multiple task forces from Governor Davis to promote homosexuality, why can’t we have a committee to re-examine what is appropriate in the textbook?  It obviously NEEDS A REVIEW.

I urge all politicians and educational personnel to consider that for now, as we wait until we can provide new textbooks, (dare I say it again?) RIP OUT the pages that are so completely reprehensible to everything America stands for.  Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are not found in forcing our sons and daughters to participate in foreign religious beliefs, repeat atheist statements as fact and twist the very fabric of American history.      ~ Jennifer Schroder

Whose afraid of a big bad book?

In response to my article advising educators to rip out the propaganda pages of the textbook "Across the Centuries" I received an email that said: 

"Why don't you just burn the books?" 

Do I dare cross the line and allow myself to be called, dare I say it, a BOOK BURNER?  (gasp)

What FEAR we have of being perceived as book-burning fascists, when in fact, many of us are worshipping books, any book, no matter how foul the stench it holds.

If a book is immoral and provokes evil, do we cling to it like a sacred holy object merely because it's a book?  When did we become so sniveling, weak minded and foolish?

"Also, many of those who had practiced magic brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all.  And they counted up the value of them; and it totaled fifty thousand pieces of silver.  After that the word of the Lord grew mightily and prevailed."  Acts 19:19

There is no shame in burning evil books that corrupt minds.  I'm not saying to forbid and outlaw books, God gave us CHOICE and it is His desire that we CHOOSE  His ways. The sorcerers written about above willingly CHOSE to burn those books. God does not force Himself on anybody, and it would be wrong to ban books. But forcefully spoonfeeding atheism to our sons and daughters in public school is reprehensible and anti-American.

America is "the land of the free and the home of the brave;" but we are in danger of quickly becoming the land of the manipulated and the home of the cowards.

If I own a book and decide to torch it, I am free to do so. (watch me light a match). Pictures of child pornography should be torched.  So should propaganda deceptively passed off as a textbook fully intending to lead my children to atheism.

Of course an atheist would scream "BOOK BURNER" for they have nothing but the knowledge of man to cling to. How sad, because there is nothing holy or sacred in a piece of paper or the thoughts of man apart from God.

A book is only man's thoughts put down on paper. We have put man's knowledge, however twisted, above the health of our children.  Our children are far more important than a piece of paper, ink, and an author that divisively sought to condition their thoughts against God in public school.

A close friend of mine didn't believe in God and I offered her one of my Bibles.  She said oh, no, she couldn't take it, it was too much.  So I ripped out the pages of John and offered it to her again, and she took it. She was completely shocked. She didn't realize that SHE is of ultimate importance to God, not the paper His message is written on. SHE is the object of His affection and is the one God wants to touch and heal. The book, even the Bible is only a book, it's the MESSAGE that comes through it from the Holy Spirit which makes it holy. If it sits on a shelf unopened, gathering dust, what good is it?

By the same token, what good is the textbook "Across the Centuries"? What message does it hold and under whose authority? I tell you the truth, it is written under the same authority as the one who shouts BOOK BURNER at me.   If people want to buy it or any other atheist promotion, that's their choice, but do not forcefeed it to our sons and daughters in public schools.  Parents have parental rights and religious freedom.  We have "separation of church and state," what we need is "separation of atheist and state." 

Recently Al-Aryan, a Florida university professor, was brought up on charges of supporting terrorists and worse. When a man (who is so much more than a piece of paper) is suspected of malice he is arrested and if found guilty, put behind bars because he is a danger. Yet when a book is found guilty of malice, propaganda and indoctrination in public school, we fail to arrest it and allow it to keep seeping damage.

Some revere "knowledge" as a god.  It was knowledge that Eve sought in the garden which brought the fall.  The knowledge of man is foolishness compared to God, and the worship of books is folly. May we have the wisdom and courage to remove what is causing harm to our children.                                                                                                    ~JenT

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