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   Jen Shroder on Glenn Beck 4th Hour
January 3, 2012

I was in the thick of the fight over our textbooks and then it seemed God was continually leading me to be quiet and focus on my family. I didn't know then that one of my sons would become a Marine in a few short years and that another would soon announce he no longer believed in God. If I ever doubt God's direction again, I should remind myself of this...but at the time it was hard to believe.

God called others up to fight, the Texas School Board (praise God) Glenn Beck along with David Barton, and a few others. I was told that BlessedCause was instrumental in documenting textbook abuses (not to mention the firing of various CEO's that we took on). All I had to do was make sure it stayed up and running, and I can think of no one except God to credit for keeping it at the top of search engines regarding these issues.

I returned to regular life...well except for halos and many personal events. Then one morning I heard Glenn Beck on the radio talk about our textbooks being purposely boring so children would forget history gladly and be easily manipulated as adults. Remembering what I had found in our textbooks, I called into the show during the 4th hour. The first call rang and rang and rang with no answer, but the second time I called, I prayed first and they answered.

If I had known I was going to be on, I would have been more prepared.

 Listen to Pat Gray, Jeffy and Jen on Glenn Beck 4th Hour

Pat Gray and Jeffy are so right, we still need to fight for our kids. There is so much wrong with our public schools and the socialist agenda, political issues that I wasn't even aware of as my kids were growing up.

I thought about writing more about Islam in our textbooks so I researched  "Across the Centuries," a textbook full of Islamic indoctrination. It can still be found in some schools only because school districts can't afford to replace them yet. I heard they were being revised after all the resistance since starting BlessedCause, so I googled it to see where we're at today.

Huge smile. The only thing I could find was an old copy of the textbook on sale for $1.00. Houghton Mifflin, once so defensive of their precious textbook, doesn't seem to want to acknowledge it ever existed.

How I wish I had seen this day when that Superintendent looked at me in shock because I dared to criticize the academic achievement from our elite historians.

The textbook is history. It looks like God told me to be still and know that He is God because it's all Him. It always was. God is amazing. Oh I'm sure there are Islamic organizations working hard to continue to indoctrinate our kids but they wouldn't be using that avenue any more. And it's still on the books that teachers can require our kids to pretend to be Muslims on their hands and knees praying to Allah that he is the only god...but I'd like to see them try. Because American moms will pick up our frypans and rolling pins again if they do. Those are OUR kids, not the re-education institutions that continually try to usurp our authority. The battle is still going, but this one is done and I just praise God for who He is, even if He did tell me to step aside and get out of the way.

God hears our prayers. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Keep guarding your children, keep praying, God hears every word. Trust Him. He told us it would get dark in the end times, and it will, but trust Him. Especially with our children. Holy, holy, holy, He is worthy.