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 Weeping for Our Nation's Children

The Players who Sold Our Children to Islam

by Jen Shroder
June 1, 2004, Repost at will

Witness the death of a nation. For what hope do we have when tyrannical liberal judges overtake the will of the people, strip us of religious freedom and approve public school curriculums that include worship to Allah? From heaven's perspective, there are worse things than death, there is spiritual death, and our children are dying.

Recently Phyllis Hamilton, a judge appointed by Clinton, ruled in favor of public school curriculum teaching children to "become Muslim," memorize prayers of worship to Allah, fast for Ramadan and choose Islamic names. When objections were made, a liberal teacher wrote: "Thank you for your opinion, you have inspired me to teach until my last breath. I will continue to teach the way I do so that one day - maybe not in my life time - narrow minded people will be extinct."

Anyone who objects is considered a bigot, and Christians often walk away, frustrated and silent.

Fornication is promoted, condom games are encouraged, abortions are performed without parental knowledge. Teens are pressured to have sex and now homosexual porn is considered curriculum as well.

In a Christian magazine, Charles Haynes writes "Religion hasn't been 'kicked out' of schools." Haynes blatantly denies that schools are pro-homosexual or promulgate anti-Christian ideas. He claims Christianity is treated accurately in the curriculum.

How does Haynes explain that in the Christian section of "Across the Centuries," a description of Jesus fits Islam's beliefs, not Christians? How does he explain that the publisher's president, Nader F. Darehshori, was previously a teacher from Iran, which is 99% Muslim? Or that the textbook's Editorial Director, Abigail Jungreis, who publicly denied that the Council on Islamic Education (CIE) contributed to the textbook, was caught bragging about CIE's valuable contributions in an earlier Muslim publication?

How does Haynes explain his work with Susan L. Douglass, a top textbook consultant applauded for shaping American textbooks, who has praised Pakistan's madrassa schools as "proud symbols of learning" even after the U.S. government blamed them for fueling the rise of Taliban and al-Qaida. Douglass, a practicing Muslim, taught at the Islamic Saudi Academy which teaches Wahhabism through textbooks that condemn Jews and Christians as infidels and enemies of Islam. Her husband, Usama Amer, still teaches there.

How does Haynes explain that his organization, the Freedom Forum, co- authored "Religious Freedom Guidelines" with the Council on Islamic Education and Susan L. Douglass? Is it a coincidence that Alamoudi, an imprisoned terrorist suspect with documented statements about bombing America, helped write Clinton's Religious Guidelines for Public Schools?

Darehshori, Jungreis, Douglass and Alamoudi have been instrumental in changing the Islamic curriculum in America's public schools, protected by Clinton and reinforced by Clinton's appointed judge, Hamilton. Combine that with Delanie Eastin, California's superintendent of public instruction, who "sought and received campaign contributions from textbook publishers," according to Forbes Magazine.

As children are told to "become Muslim" in public school, the orchestraters of the assault are evident. But most grievous of all, how does Christianity Today, a "Christian" magazine, explain their publications of Charles Haynes defending the promulgation of Islam? How is it that the Christian media often lulls American parents back to sleep, placated by men like Haynes, about the atrocities happening in public schools? Christianity Today has declined to comment and Charles Haynes has not responded.

How many Christian media outlets, radio stations and churches continue to ignore the spiritual slaughter of our children in public school? Our children are surrounded by false shepherds holding the gates wide open for the wolves to attack, children are spiritually crippled before our eyes, and we weep for them as men like Haynes make a living by applauding the curriculum.

Where is religious freedom? Are we a nation free to worship our God? My God has commanded that we do not seek other nations and how they serve their gods. Are we not free to obey? My child was forced to take the class on Islam, he could not opt out. Where is freedom? Tyrannical liberal judges have taken it from us and have instead granted freedom of speech to the pedophiles of Nambla, who can post how to seduce and rape our children.

In Ramah there was a voice heard, lamentation and weeping, and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children, and would not be comforted, because they are no more.  (Mat 2:18)

The spiritual health and innocence of our children is no more. Their very souls are in danger of being swallowed up in darkness. The mothers of America are weeping as our nation is raped by tyrannical judges usurping the law and defiling the land.

It is open season on America's children, we've been robbed of religious freedom, of all that is good and righteous and true. We are left with legalized debauchery.  "America, land of the free and home of the brave?" Let me wipe away the tears, I can't see it, this is not the godly nation that our forefathers sacrificed for. America is dying, we don't even know what is righteous and true, our children are being spiritually slaughtered before our eyes, and I will not be comforted.

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