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Sounds like a violation of the Church and State doctrine to me. Of course, to the politically-correct liberal who actually believes that racism can only be practiced by whites against blacks and never blacks against whites, they can’t see a violation of the separation doctrine unless the religion being “taught,” “hawked,” or worshiped is Christianity.

Like Jennifer Shroder, who told the Pacific Justice Institute that the new text book used in that short term course presented Islam in a positive manner but depicted Christianity in a negative light, Lemings saw the same thing and confessed her frustrations to Miles. References to Christianity were centered on martyrdom during the Inquisition and the Salem witch hunts—the text of which was printed in bold face type to make certain Christianity was very clearly and noticeably depicted as a vindictive, punitive religion that used fear to keep its followers in line. No mention was made of the Muslim propensity to cut off the hands and feet of petty thieves, and the beheading of murderers, adulteresses, homosexuals, or those despised by the Islamic community—in particular those attempting to convert Muslims to Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism or Hinduism. The textbook, Across the Centuries, was printed by Houghton-Mifflin. Showing its liberal bias, the textbook presents the “miraculous events” Muhammad claimed led up to his writing the Koran (Qu’ram) as fact. When miraculous events are described with respect to Christianity, disclaimers are used in every instance to mitigate them, thereby denying Christian miracles the credibility afforded Muslim claims that lack physical evidence. The Houghton-Mifflin Role and the Oil Foundations

As radio commentator Paul Harvey might say, “...and now for the rest of the story.” It was not accidental that the book Across the Centuries suddenly appeared on the market. Nor was it an accident that it was an inflammatory anti-Christian text that presented Islam as the one true faith. Nor was it by accident that the book was purchased by the California State Board of Education for inclusion in its curriculum.

While most of those who read copies of the Austin Miles cyber article published by Assist News Service or emails containing hyperlinks or excerpts from the news release posted by the Pacific Justice Institute immediately thought that the “special course” was speedily concocted by politically-correct National Education Association bureaucrats in California to mitigate anti-Islamic sentiment in the United States after the 9.11 tragedy. Not true.

By Saturday, January 19, 2002 California school authorities and the news media were attempting to justify the program as a post-September 11 initiative that was necessary due to the volume of threats against Arab and other Islamic Americans. Reports of hate crimes and harassment against Arab-Americans flood Islamic advocates’ offices although only one incident of actual violence against someone thought to be an Arab American and one threat of violence against five Islamic students in Palmdale, California in retaliation to 9.11 was reported to, or confirmed by, police departments anywhere in the United States in the wake of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. Nevertheless, based on reports issued by Islamic groups, the media reported that hundreds of instances of harassment, intimidation and violence had occurred.

In Portland, Oregon, parents of Islamic students at the Muslim Educational Trust School asked city police to station officers at the school to prevent retaliation for the September 11 attack. The police, after carefully noting that there had been no violence against the Portland Islamic community, nor had there been any threats to Islamics in the Portland area, increased patrols in the school zone but declined to post ‘sentries.” The parents filed intimidation reports with the Council of American-Islamic Relations which immediately reported the “incident” as another example of Islamic harassment. The school’s administrator recruited parents to walk the school grounds throughout the day to prevent “retaliation.”

In Palmdale, California there were threats. Angry students posted an Islamic “hit list” that contained the names of all five Islamic students in Palmdale High School. All five students were temporarily removed from the school. Two of them—Indonesian Muslims—were brothers, Abdul and Hanif Bachmid. Until the September 11 attack the Bachmid brother’s mother, Aisha Attamimi, said the family had never experienced any form of discrimination in the United States. It was the Palmdale incident that brought Department of Education Secretary Rod Paige into the fray. Paige sent a “dear colleague” letter to every educator in the United States urging teachers to implement classroom discussions and assemblies honoring the victims of 9.11 and educating the student bodies not to foster hate or target Arab-American students for harassment or blame. Inadvertently Paige, who was trying to prevent potential violence from occurring in America’s schools, opened the floodgates that began the spin that Islam is a religion of peace and that only extremists like Osama bin Laden advocated violence. And, also inadvertently, Paige caused the initial reaction expressed by most American Christians and Jews when news of the Islamic “education” program dribbled into the national news over a period of two weeks. They automatically believed it was a post-September 11 “spin” program. It was not. The California program actually began in 1990 when Muslim activist and Sacramento-area businessman Shabbir Mansuri formed the Council on Islamic Education.

In April, 1986 Muslim advocate Uzma Unus wrote the following in Islamic Horizons magazine: “Most history books present Islam in a very negative way. In one case I heard a teacher compare Prophet Muhammad to Hitler. Another one said that Muslims forced people who followed pagan religions to convert to Islam...About 90% of what is written in the history books is either false or twisted around to make Islam sound like a terrorist religion.” Very clearly, since Israel gained statehood in 1948 the Muslims have confirmed over and over again that Islam is a terrorist religion. If there was any doubt after watching one suicide bomber after another kill innocent Jewish men, women and children, Osama bin Laden and his al Qaeda terrorists, Yassir Arafat and his Palestinian Liberation Front terrorists, Hamas and the Hezbollah have more than confirmed the terrorist nature of Islam. In 1988 Shabbir Mansuri, a Fountain Valley, California businessman (outside Sacramento), decided to do something about what he called “the false description of Islam” in America. Mansuri founded the Council on Islamic Education in 1990 and immediately began to engage in a dialogue with several textbook manufacturers without much luck. The textbook companies in America weren’t too interested in Mansuri’s views; nor were they prepared to challenge the United States Supreme Court by publishing thousands of copies of a textbook that contained a theological dialogue which which most Americans disagreed. Using his Islamic connections in the oil rich Mideast Arabian peninsula nations, Mansuri discovered that oil company foundations who endow most institutions of higher learning in the United States also profited handsomely from their 68% ownership of most of the oil pumped from beneath the sands of the Arabian desert were very interested in his plight.

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