Whose Watching
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Saudi Arabia, Syria (shudder, Biblical Assyria), Pakistan, Qatar...  even though our stats are increasing, these countries are gaining on the percentage. Saudi Arabia visits to our website has surpassed our US Military and US Govt which didn't even make the percentage in April, yikes... (perhaps they were busy with the war.) 

See Pie Charts for the following months:
May 15  (dramatic increase of Saudi Arabia, decrease of Syria...whew)
May 5 (shows increase of Israel due to the post Columbia)
April (end of)
July 2002 (the month I contacted John Walker's lawyer)
Yearly stats

Yet in spite of all the negative attention, the threats I take far more seriously come from the Militant Gay movement. That group is far more violent, powerful and organized than anybody realizes. As is proved by the current UN initiatives.

About webstats:  Over the year I've learned a lot about webstats, at least for my particular host. My host (and I think all hosts) cannot give an accurate number because many providers don't register in the count. For instance, I can track AOL visits, but Charter and others do not register or count at all.

So webstats are fun to get a sample of the flow, but exact numbers are impossible. Additionally, many providers use a "cache" and many choose the cached version at sites like Google.

I have no clue how my server can track things like military, government, educational, different countries, but they do to some extent because I get these reports.

And I have no idea why some webstats claim they can get readings of other websites, when our own can't even get an accurate count...   I doubt those claims very much.  All I know is, I see BlessedCause on the first page of many Google searches, which absolutely amazes me...God is good!

See also: Terrorists & BlessedCause, was it something I said?