President Bush, national hero
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  by Jen Shroder

Since President Bush first took office, he has been walking a tightrope, he knows our country has a knife to its throat, he's making decisions based on information he couldn't possibly distribute without sacrificing the lives of those who are supplying that information.

Remember the first year that Bush took office, and his personal staff began quitting and going home to be with their families? People spend their whole careers striving to work in the White House, these people were top level. And what did they do? Quit to go home. Why? It's obvious, they saw first hand the serious danger, the real reports with full disclosure, and their parental protective instincts took over long before 9/11. Many wanted to spend what time we had left with their families. Our situation has been dire for a long time, but we were too arrogant to realize it until the first tower was struck.

Now Democrats, desperate to regain power, criticize the President because we need $87 billion to rebuild Iraq. Yes, that's a lot of money, but what is more important, money or our lives? What would be more costly, to rebuild Iraq or rebuild America? Look how expensive the World Trade Center was, what if all these terrorists we've caught were still on the loose accomplishing  mayhem all over our nation? How quickly we become blind to our vulnerability by our own arrogance!

We forget, we would be in dire straights whether Pres. Bush chose to smile, pretend it wasn't happening, give America a song and dance and dally with the nearest woman like Clinton did, or if he took the bull by the horns and fought for freedom. That bull is doing damage, yes, but how much more if we remained overrun by Taliban plots reaching fruition, along with Al-Qaeda and HEZBOLLAH prospered by Iraq?

But those aren't even our real worries, our true concern should be the rapid crumbling corruption of America because of its peoples' demand to pander to all of our childish lusts and materialism. God warned us what would happen and it is. America, we are acting like a screaming baby, demanding we have our bottle despite the fact that a murderer is breaking into the house. President Bush was successful in thrashing that murderer, and all we do is scream that our milk isn't ready on time. Democratic presidential wannabes act hysterical because our milk is getting too thin. They promise us better milk, and shake their fist that President Bush is a miserable failure at getting us our milk.

I think we could use some thinning of the milk anyway. I'd rather have Living Water than the poisoned milk of the ACLU, it's getting so thick we're starting to choke on it. Would somebody please give Dean, Kerry and the Clintons a bottle so they'll quit their crying? There is a murderer trying to break in. The President has a job to do. 

God said, "If you turn your backs on Me, I will turn My back on you." America, turn around and live.  ~Jen Shroder

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